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  1. *Squints eyes* Not sure if Marsh is talking to me or to someone before me Well i got into MTG for a bit. The new dark assention just came out but im taking a break from all my gaming. I just decided to come back and look at the progress when i was gone.
  2. My username is mystifi, I usually play veigar and sona. I know that people say that veigar isent viable, because of his weak laning phase but if he is bot with a support then it fixes that. Plus, 1k ap is awesome and can kill anyone in 1 combo. Im grounded from my comp right now and on here on my 3ds.
  3. Happy Happy Joy Joy… In My Pants
  4. @l0lz!: > @Mystifi: > > > Exactly. I dont wanna pay for something to just play. > > But when you do, you're getting a good game, good customer service, frequent updates, and most of all a fair playing field. With most Cash Shop MMO's if you really want to get anywhere you're going to have to use the cash shop. I Play Fiesta from outspark, and i get all of those and lvl 78 w/o cash items.
  5. Exactly. I dont wanna pay for something to just play.
  6. can savage 2 allow you to do air combos and lifts people up in the air and stuff like that? @l0lz!: > I'd say WoW has really fun pvp. Shadowbane had good pvp too, but Runescape pvp was sort of: Hey I'm going to the waves and- Oh no! The waves are comming! RUN. WoW fails. Pay for something you could get for free >.> And yes i know, they have to get their money somewhere but why not make it all in the cash shop like most mmos do?
  7. @Skell: > The best PvP system? :O No, this is the best pvp system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwcLiTrCDWc&feature And runescape is one of those games, where people first enter the world of mmos, for the nubcakes who dont know what to do.
  8. Turn ju into ginger [![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/5b47e9c25fd186aaf25eb39fbafffbbf.png)](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/#5b47e9c25fd186aaf25eb39fbafffbbf.png)
  9. I do get it. wait, we still playing?
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