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  1. *Squints eyes* Not sure if Marsh is talking to me or to someone before me Well i got into MTG for a bit. The new dark assention just came out but im taking a break from all my gaming. I just decided to come back and look at the progress when i was gone.
  2. My username is mystifi, I usually play veigar and sona. I know that people say that veigar isent viable, because of his weak laning phase but if he is bot with a support then it fixes that. Plus, 1k ap is awesome and can kill anyone in 1 combo. Im grounded from my comp right now and on here on my 3ds.
  3. Happy Happy Joy Joy… In My Pants
  4. @l0lz!: > @Mystifi: > > > Exactly. I dont wanna pay for something to just play. > > But when you do, you're getting a good game, good customer service, frequent updates, and most of all a fair playing field. With most Cash Shop MMO's if you really want to get anywhere you're going to have to use the cash shop. I Play Fiesta from outspark, and i get all of those and lvl 78 w/o cash items.
  5. Exactly. I dont wanna pay for something to just play.
  6. can savage 2 allow you to do air combos and lifts people up in the air and stuff like that? @l0lz!: > I'd say WoW has really fun pvp. Shadowbane had good pvp too, but Runescape pvp was sort of: Hey I'm going to the waves and- Oh no! The waves are comming! RUN. WoW fails. Pay for something you could get for free >.> And yes i know, they have to get their money somewhere but why not make it all in the cash shop like most mmos do?
  7. @Skell: > The best PvP system? :O No, this is the best pvp system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwcLiTrCDWc&feature And runescape is one of those games, where people first enter the world of mmos, for the nubcakes who dont know what to do.
  8. Turn ju into ginger [![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/5b47e9c25fd186aaf25eb39fbafffbbf.png)](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/#5b47e9c25fd186aaf25eb39fbafffbbf.png)
  9. I do get it. wait, we still playing?
  10. @Chief: > dun get the pokemon one…? Spell muk bacwords. then say what it spells.
  11. Now you just lost the game :P
  12. lol, neo just scored a point. ;D
  13. Exactlly, you cant win like in the game. only you lose if you Remember the game. The Anti game is where you lose by forgetting about it.
  14. 1 point for Thinking about it, -1 point for forgetting and +1 for making someone else forget. that ok?
  15. You Dont want anyone to be cheating do you?
  16. The Anti Game The Anti game Is Simple: You Have to Think About it almost all the time. The longer you think about it, the more points You will Obtain. However, when you dont think about it, you lose half of those points plus 5 ( Say you have 50 points. you lose25 and 5 so 30 points.) Try to get other people to Forget About the Anti game. IF You make them forget, you will receive 5 points and they lose 10 points. However, if you fail at it, you lose 10 points. You can have negative points. You cannot have more that 9000 points (Exept for chuck norris) IF you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  17. ![](http://icarus.cantbeunseen.com/content/27008/resized/pedobear-washington.jpg?1275645201)
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