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[C#.NET] Multi-threading: Updating Non-Static Objects from Different Thread

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// Create the delegate that will do the referencing.
delegate void UpdateLabelDelegate(string parameters);

// Define our Method. You can use any parameters you want, just make sure that the delegate and Invoke match.
public void AddMsg(string parameters)
// If we need to invoke
if (InvokeRequired)
// Then let's invoke and return. (After the invoke, we should NOT try to call this method as normal.)
Invoke(new UpdateLabelDelegate(AddMsg), parameters);

// Otherwise, no invoke was required. Continue as normal. Put your code after this.
So essentially, when you try to do something like modify a GUI element (Rich Text Box for example) from a separate thread, you have to reference it somehow, and the easiest way I have found is to delegate a reference.

Essentially, what happens is the following:

Your sub-thread calls AddMsg("Something"), and then the programme will call the method, as it sees right there. When it gets to the if (InvokeRequired), it determines whether or not it actually has access to that object internally, if not, it Invoke's a delegate, which will call the method as a normal method, and reference the correct GUI items, or other non-static fields or methods.

NOTE: When using Static Fields, Methods, or other properties, this is not necessary. You can directly reference static items.


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