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EO Questions *Script, GUI, etc*


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Ok, How would i change my GUI for EO and on the main menu maybe what The thing says "Welcome to Eclipse Origins! To start Playing Simply Create a new account using the 'register' button shown below, create your character and you'll be plunged in the fantastic online world!" yea…. And possibly some of the Character Creation Screen/setup, and where could i locate the Scripts for things like duel weilding and such, i was looking at some scripts but i'm not sure if i can get those for EO
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The only way I see having players have duel-wielding capabilities is either by:
1) Create Paperdolls for Duel wielded Items (IE 2 daggers per sprite on a paperdoll spritesheet.)
2) Create a script somehow.
3) Make a shield item that uses a weapon for the other hand. (Except I don't see how it'll be used to attack. Maybe use that as an ATK buffer?)
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> You can't use scripts in EO. I'll see if I can create the Dual Wield system for you. It shouldn't be hard.

All you'll need to do is add another slot to the equips (or use the shield slot) and include the damage. You may also want to think about how the attack speeds of the different weapons will affect each other.


> 2) Create a script somehow.

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