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  1. thanks for the coments :azn: ! Yeah, the tiles are not custom, I took them from rpg palace When I finish the sprites I'll see if they fit the tiles, but for now I think this tileset is the one I'm using :P
  2. some sprites I may use for my game… wanted to know what u think :) ![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/1acaabf3c0bb131a8f4acf5789f55b69.bmp)
  3. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    no, I didn't use any reference but I guess they look as vbgore default sprites xD anyway.. I gave up on doing my game :S
  4. hmm cool but what if I sell the item to other player?? or if I drop it?? Thanks for taking the time dude but I'll try to do it by the source
  5. yeah.. plz script it… but I don't think it's possible with sadscript...
  6. no xDD u don't understand what I want to do… I know it's easy to make a sword and a "fire scroll" and combine them and make a fire sword... but u should also have to do the fire sword, that would be easy... but if I want to make a "+50 strenght Sword" with strength scrolls, then Id have to do a +1 strength sword, a +2 strength sword etc etc... and I want to make every item unique so a player can do a "+1 speed +3 strength +4 magic Sword" imagine the time it would take me to do aaaall the combinations possible...
  7. lol I don't thing u can do it with the source… I DON'T want to make a +1 sword, a +2 sword, a +3 sword etc... that's easy and can be done with sadscript but that's not what I want, I wan't it possible to make a unique item by convining with other items but not making the final item do u understand me now??
  8. dunno if that's the name but I wanted to know how to do this… (or just tell me where do I need to look in the code) instead of making a Light Cape and a speed scroll, and ALSO make a Light Cape +1 Speed, how can I do to make only the first two items and the upgraded item is made by the engine but it isn't stored in the items folder? cuz if I wan't to make it so u can upgrade ur sword till +10, then I'll have to do 11 items for EACH sword xD! plz help me...
  9. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    Ok thanks guys :D about the hair… I'm gonna try some styles but my first priority is the sprite itself and I'm gonna start with the tiles... or maybe I'll use some I saw that I really liked bye, I will post when I have the first screenshots.
  10. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    which one do u like the most: the original or this one ![](http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m171/vicho815/ccc-1.jpg)
  11. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    well.. I think the shading is not that good… but I dunno how to make it more realistic.. that's what I mean wi mmorpg style xD
  12. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    yeah… how can I make it more mmorpg style xD? If someone edits the current one to look better and u send it to me to see how it's done I would be very pleased :)
  13. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    thanks :D should I add more shadding or something? EDIT: here's the animated front side ![](http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m171/vicho815/imator_animation2.gif)
  14. vicho815

    Sprite :D

    thanks :D I'll read some tuts on swords making xD can anyone shade them or somethign to see how its done??
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