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  1. > There is no need if people would use tags. [EO], [EES], etc. We tried before, no one actually does it though. Maybe.. in those forums, set up a check box for starting a topic, where you have to choose your engine, and it'll automatically add said tag in front of name. exactly!!! its just my opinion but i think this would greatly help troubleshooting and also free up time spend answering the same old questions that everyone asks.
  2. i understand but perhaps a tag in the thread to denote what engine and then option to sort by engine? the past is the past but future posts will be organised. I came across this issue trying to increase gui resolution on eo v2… seems a very rare find!! thanks
  3. Just one thing ive noticed… As a noob, i've just started getting my head around it all and wading through the forums to answer my questions and issues. Many times i have found a topic relating to my issue and an answer had been given correcting the bug or a tutorial... after looking for the files and not finding them or flicking through lines that arent there i gather that the answer is for a different engine. so my suggestion is that maybe have a system of organisation that makes everything you are looking at in the forum, relevant to the engine you are using? Maybe easy for people with more experience but as a noob its easy to get lost in it all when nothing you are reading relates to the files you have... just a thought... cheers heli
  4. > Change your DPI settings to 100%. thanks, larger or smaller to make it fit??
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this issue? I am running windows 7 on a dell touch screen, resolution 1920 x 1080. I am having issues when i load the game client… none of the buttons are in the right place. Even in-game, all the inventory and stuff is way off and i have to guess where i shold be clicking. Any ideas?? thanks for your efforts.
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