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  1. istead of selling , why dont you teach me ? =D
  2. there's a problem to me . i dont know how to program on vb6 ._. I suggest this to the further updates of EO 4.0
  3. There's some SS of my character's personal store !
  4. I see like a grand exchenge system ? that will be great , but i think the player's shop will be more fun to use , like Ragnarok , i can set up your store anywhere , cities , dungeons , guild wars , hunt places etc
  5. That's what i mean . It will be awesome in EO.
  6. An Player shop system like Ragnarok Online will be awesome feature to the E.O !
  7. Well my friend this's your lucky day =D I have one script to Ace =D ** [http://www.mediafire.com/?uh60gfhl08v6w1a](http://www.mediafire.com/?uh60gfhl08v6w1a) try this **
  8. Nice , did you tried to put some shadows scripts on your maps ? it will be awesome =D with some blur too =D
  9. I like to map with rpg maker vx ace , it's easy to use =D I'm trying to adapt to E.O mapping style =D It's a little complicated in the beggining
  10. tictac

    New Combat Formula

    thx Amish I will be waiting the next update =D
  11. Good Mapping Bro ! =D What Engine you use ?
  12. Right !! I see it. Thx
  13. tictac

    New Combat Formula

    I've noticed that using the "new combat formula" , however class that i choose , the MP values boost much more then HP values . This is a Bug or that's correct ? I think is a bug , becouse there's no reason to make a melee class with plus extra MP instead HP on the top level. Using this combat formulas on the magic class it will be fine , perfect MP and HP Values
  14. I noticed that i'm having "1" error in the top center of the server windows any one have the same error or more ? [attachment=868:Nova Imagem de Bitmap.png]
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