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[Bug Fix] Fixing Small Errors

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**Sorry my english**

**Bug 1**

I noticed the editor of spells, that the more you change the direction in which the player will be teleported to change by a kind of magic, the player is not chosen this direction:


**Open Server**

**1** - In **modCombat**, look for:

SendAnimation mapnum, Spell(SpellNum).SpellAnim, 0, 0, TARGET_TYPE_PLAYER, Index

**2** - Below this line add:

SetPlayerDir Index, Spell(SpellNum).Dir

**Bug 2**

I noticed the same editor spells the maximum number of graphics magic is not the amount of graphics that exists in the folder, as occurs with other editors


**Open Client**

**1** - In **modGameEditors**, look for:

.scrlMap.Max = MAX_MAPS

**2** - Below this line add:

.scrlIcon.Max = NumSpellIcons


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