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  1. This tutorial will show you how you make talking impossible without pressing Enter first. It will be very helpful for my upcoming WASD/OKL; Movement Script. 1\. Set txtMyTextBox visibility, found in frmMirage, to False. 2\. Find, in modGameLogic: ``` If (KeyAscii = vbKeyReturn) Then frmMirage.txtMyTextBox.Text = vbNullString If Player(MyIndex).y - 1 > -1 Then If Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).Type = TILE_TYPE_SIGN And Player(MyIndex).Dir = DIR_UP Then Call AddText("The Sign Reads:", BLACK) If Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String1) vbNullString Then Call AddText(Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String1), GREY) End If If Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String2) vbNullString Then Call AddText(Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String2), GREY) End If If Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String3) vbNullString Then Call AddText(Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String3), GREY) End If Exit Sub End If ``` And Replace with this: ``` If (KeyAscii = vbKeyReturn) Then frmMirage.txtMyTextBox.Text = vbNullString If Player(MyIndex).Y - 1 > -1 Then If Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).Type = TILE_TYPE_SIGN And Player(MyIndex).Dir = DIR_UP Then Call AddText("The Sign Reads:", BLACK) If Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String1) vbNullString Then Call AddText(Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String1), GREY) End If If Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String2) vbNullString Then Call AddText(Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String2), GREY) End If If Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String3) vbNullString Then Call AddText(Trim$(Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex) - 1).String3), GREY) End If Exit Sub Else Call CheckMapGetItem If Map(GetPlayerMap(MyIndex)).Tile(GetPlayerX(MyIndex), GetPlayerY(MyIndex)).Type TILE_TYPE_ITEM Then If frmMirage.txtMyTextBox.Visible = False Then frmMirage.txtMyTextBox.Visible = True frmMirage.txtMyTextBox.SetFocus Else frmMirage.picScreen.SetFocus frmMirage.txtMyTextBox.Visible = False End If End If End If End If ```
  2. Shouldn't this work, like, honestly. ``` If KeyCode = vbKeyUp Or KeyCode = vbKeyW Then DirUp = True DirDown = False DirLeft = False DirRight = False End If If KeyCode = vbKeyDown Or KeyCode = vbKeyS Then DirUp = False DirDown = True DirLeft = False DirRight = False End If If KeyCode = vbKeyLeft Or KeyCode = vbKeyA Then DirUp = False DirDown = False DirLeft = True DirRight = False End If If KeyCode = vbKeyRight Or KeyCode = vbKeyD Then DirUp = False DirDown = False DirLeft = False DirRight = True End If ```
  3. Sorry for another topic about walking.. but.. I am _sick_ of all the topics and debates over the walking, so I have a proposal: I will make a custom sprite with all of the necessary frames we need to remake the walking and attacking animations. I could even try to add diagonal moving. If enough people want this, then I will gladly do it. And if anyone wants to help then that would be nice.
  4. sir zach

    I like it.

    George Carlin's Solution to Save Gasoline : Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use….. The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants! That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down..... Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the Border.... When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq ... Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military.... Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it..... After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country..... He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot.... This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better life for themselves.. If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen, rifle or ammo......
  5. sir zach


    Anyone play WoW on the Shoupz server?
  6. I know I have requested this already but that topic got lost and Eclipse is being developed hard now. An attackable tile would be very useful because chests would be possible. Or just a chest tile xD
  7. What do you guys think? And… Who recognizes them?
  8. Please. ![](http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/art_education_fail.jpg?w=352&h=470)
  9. sir zach


    Who has read any of his books?
  10. I have seen many topics asking about the Library Files. So here are the the questions and answers of the latest billion topics about the Library Files. **Q: Why do I need the Library Files?** _A: They are the base code for the Eclipse Engine and are required for the engine to run._ **Q: Can I install the Library Files on a Mac?** _A: No, the Library Files are Windows based._ **Q: I can't install the Library Files because it contains a virus.** _A: No, if you download them from touchofdeathproductions.com they do not contain a virus. I just downloaded and scanned the available Library Files. Your anti-virus software may think it does because they are system files._ **Q: How do I install the Library Files?** _A: Download the installer from touchofdeathproductions.com or use [ELI](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,27712.0.html)._ **Q: They willn't install on Vista?!** _A: Yes they will. I have successfully done it seven times. No joke. It may give you errors but you can run the Eclipse Engine._
  11. I wrote this code that is suppose to be called every minute, or when Seconds = 0. ``` Sub Bathe() TotalTime = GetVar("Accounts\" & GetPlayerLogin(index) & "\" & GetPlayerName(index) & ".ini", "Bathe", "Time") If TotalTime = "" Then Call PutVar("Accounts\" & GetPlayerLogin(index) & "\" & GetPlayerName(index) & ".ini", "Bathe", "Time", "1") Else If NewTotal = TotalTime + 1 Call PutVar("Accounts\" & GetPlayerLogin(index) & "\" & GetPlayerName(index) & ".ini", "Bathe", "Time", NewTotal) End If End Sub ``` But that code isn't working AND nothing will be called when Seconds = 0\. Here is my timed event sub: ``` Sub TimedEvent(Hours, Minutes, Seconds) If Minutes = 0 Then If Seconds = 0 Then Call AdminMsg("Don't forget to vote for Eclipse.", YELLOW) End If End If If Seconds = 0 Then Call Bathe() End If End Sub ``` Side Note: I have tried to include the bathe sub from another file and inside the timed event sub.
  12. So a month ago I booted up my PC which was running Vista. Well, I kinda booted it… When I turned it on it said "Unknown OS" and wouldn't boot up to Vista. The boot loader repair on the Vista disc wasn't doing anything. So I just installed a clean thing of Vista, went to put in my activation key, and couldn't find it on the bottom of my laptop. It could be anywhere from the West Coast to Montana... Now I have two days left before Vista commits suicide and I wake up to a laptop hanging from a rope. I installed XP with all of the hardware for my computer and it works :D XP pwns Vista's view.
  13. sir zach


    Where do you find your avatars? All of them are really… interesting. Scary too. But over all, I like them :)
  14. sir zach


    How the FUCK do you make them go away? My eyes hurt so bad that I can't wear contacts. My nose is so stuffed up it hurts to breathe. And I am allergic every little flipping thing on this planet. Dumb bird shit.
  15. If you ever decide to eat a Habanero Pepper, don't drink milk. Drink sprite. Trust the one with experience. Oh, also, chew and swallow fast.
  16. sir zach

    My Customs.

    ![](http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/3005/customstv0.png) Do they flow with each other?
  17. Yup. I changed my name from purple to Leaf. I learned of a band recently and it's flipping amazing. The lead singer, which of whom is of the feminine sex, is without a doubt, talented. She can sing really high, sing with a raspy voice, and scream. All on her own. This band would be Flyleaf. You should check them out.
  18. CREATION VERSUS EVOLUTION By Zach Johnson I wrote this for school and wanted to know what people thought. Back in the 1800's a well known scientist started a continuous, and still active, controversy. This controversy would be Evolution. Evolution disagreed with everything people believed before, Creation. Not only did a controversy start, but it boosted the amount of Atheists and Agnostic “believers.” Atheists believe there is no greater being or no intelligent designer, but they believe in Evolution. Agnostics believe in a greater being and an intelligent designer but believe that it is not God. Evolution states that humans evolved from apes because of similar body structure(s). This does seem very logical but where did apes come from? Scientists have another explanation for this, The Big Bang. This offers the idea of one hydrogen atom combining with other hydrogen atoms to form new atoms. There is no explanation to as where the hydrogen atom came from. So why is it so hard to believe in an intelligent designer instead of one hydrogen atom? The intelligent designer I believe in is God. Simply because there is no other explanation for a beautiful galaxy to be designed out of nothing. I believe that God created Earth and living organisms to share His love because He had so much bottled inside. He created the galaxy to show how amazing and wonderful He is. It also shows a “Glimpse of Glory.” I am not trying to preach but I am trying to disprove Evolution through logic of everyday organisms. The Earth is only about 6,000-7,000 years old. Ancient cities over in Africa have been buried under sand for the last 2,000 years and were recently dug up within the last hundred years. If they could be dug up then they weren't that far under ground. Same with fossils. Dinosaurs are believed to be over millions of years old. This can't be true though because they can be dug up, just like the ancient cities in Africa. The fossils and cities are about the same depth below the surface. If the cities are only couple thousand years old and the fossils are the same depth as the cities, than they should be around the same age. Let's start with apes evolving into humans. Yes, there are similar body structures but so do birds of all different kinds. If humans are more intelligent than apes then wouldn't there be a bird with the same amount of intelligence? Since it supposedly took a million years for humans to develop, there should be other animals that evolved into intelligent organisms. If Evolution did have to occur for an organism to survive then there would be no living thing on this Earth. This is because evolution of an organism supposedly takes millions of years to fully develop. But the Earth isn't millions of years old, as stated earlier. If an animal were to just start being developed it wouldn't know what it could eat, how to get food, or pretty much know how to do anything, unless an intelligent designer “told” them how they should live. How could a living organism just live without knowledge of survival? It's like when a mom is pregnant and then has a baby. The baby develops, inside the womb, based on a design that has been passed down from each generation of humans, starting with Adam and Eve. When the baby is born, it doesn't know what to do so the intelligence, the mother, feeds the baby and teaches it how to survive, throughout its early stages of life. Having babies leads me to my next point. How could two different sexes come from one line of evolved organism? There can't be sexual reproduction with just one sex of organism. However, there is asexual reproduction, when an organism can reproduce on its own, which could have started it all. But if asexual reproduction did start it all, then where did sexual reproduction come from? An organism can't just split into two different sexes and start reproducing with each other. Even God, or the intelligent designer if you prefer, knew this wasn't possible after creating Adam. He created Adam so that he could share the love of God with others. But since Adam couldn't communicate with other species, he needed a companion. In the Bible, in Genesis 2, it states that Adam's rib was taken out of his flesh and formed into a woman, named Eve: Genesis 2:21-22 (NIV) So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man's ribs and closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. This led to them only being able to share God's love with each other, so now they would need to reproduce, just like all of the other organisms on Earth. Some how humans came into control over all of the living animals. We had intelligence of how to raise them, take care of them, and use them to benefit us. Christians believe God gave us this intelligence and ability to control the animals, which is a powerful explanation to why we know so much about the animals, without studying them when time “began.” Genesis 1:26 Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." Back to the not being able to survive topic, how would the first animals know they need to hibernate? If the first bear on the planet were to just live life normally then all of a sudden winter hit, it wouldn't know what to do. It would just sit around all winter waiting for its food to appear. Since it would just be sitting around, it would probably freeze to death, die of exhaustion after searching for food and most definitely experience starvation. Whales would have also died of starvation based on some bizarre beliefs. Scientists believe that whales used to be land animals but then went back to being water animals, according to my biology class. This is a theory because of the extra pelvic bones whales possess. This is only a theory though, because they have no proof, just like all of the other evidence out there about evolution. Whales couldn't have possibly evolved into land mammals and back into water creatures. Whales don't have teeth because they have filters that filter out small fish for food, there is no teeth. But if they were walk on land then they would need teeth, and they need to eat. So by the time they would have grown teeth, they would have been dead of starvation. But if they were originally land mammals than how could they evolve into sea creatures? They would also die of starvation by evolving into water animals because they would be a foreign organism and animals would hide in fear. Since they would only have teeth they would have to grow their filters in order to catch and eat smaller fish. Without this filter they would swallow unhealthy organisms and die. Giraffes have the longest neck in the world, making their head the highest, yet lowest. This neck provides a giraffe with the ability to reach high objects or drinking water without getting it's whole body close to the water source. Some water sources have a muddy perimeter possibly causing a large animal, such as giraffe, to get stuck. When a giraffe lowers it's head to get water a lot of blood rushes to its brain. Well, that's what would happen if it didn't have special valves in it's neck that blocked off blood pumping to his head. When it lowers it's head a sponge, below his brain, soaks up all of the blood from the last pump of blood from the heart. Now, the giraffe is prepared for speedy upward movement of its brain. If a giraffe is drinking water from the ground, it is an easy target for predators. So when it hears a noise the giraffe's reaction would be to look up and make sure it isn't danger. The sponge below his brain squeezes blood back into the brain, once it starts the upward movement, to prevent passing out due to lack of oxygen. Without having this sponge it wouldn't be able to live because once it passed out it would be an easy target. With the amount of time it would have taken a sponge to evolve in the giraffe's head, giraffes would be extinct due to being easy pray and not being able to access water sources near the ground. A more general look on survival is on predators and their prey. It's kind of like the famous question “What came first: The chicken or the egg?” Well, obviously it would have been the chicken because nothing could keep the egg warm and then nurture it after hatching. An egg couldn't have just been evolved in the the right place, at the right time, and the knowledge for the chick. Prey nurture their predators, just like the mother chicken and it's chick. Without prey, there couldn't be food resources for the predator because they desire a certain organism for survival. If all animals ate vegetation, instead of either prey or vegetation, there wouldn't be enough to go around. Also, if the the egg came before the chicken than the chick wouldn't know what it could eat because it developed feeding off of yolk from its egg. This is where the mother chicken comes in as well, teaching the chick how to survive. Prey must come before the predator because there would have been nothing for the predator to eat. Woodpeckers are another example of why evolution can't happen. Woodpeckers peck their brains out while looking for food in threes or other wooden objects, such as houses. Let's believe for a moment that evolution is true, imagine the first bird that wanted to find food in a tree. It would have gone up to the tree and pecked until it got a concussion. Since this bird was determined to find food in the tree, it would take millions of years for it to grow a long enough beak and system to prevent concussions. But once this bird finally got into the tree it had another problem; reaching the insects. So now it has to develop a long enough tongue, adding millions of more years to it's starvation. After the first few million years of evolving the long enough beak, this bird would have surely died causing it to be extinct, but it is still around today. The angler fish is an eerie looking fish that lives deep down in the depths of the ocean where darkness lurks. Fish are attracted to light so this angler fish, to attract food, has an appendage that illuminates. Since this fish is deep in the ocean, where there are scarce food sources, it needs to attract it's prey instead of hunting for it. The angler fish couldn't have eaten enough food without attracting its prey to itself. Which draws us to the conclusion that they couldn't find or attract its food for a million years, causing it starve to death and eventually there would be no more angler fish. In every aspect, from woodpeckers smashing their brains in, to apes evolving into intelligent human beings, the evolution theory has an error. There can't be all of this from one hydrogen atom, but there can be all of this from an intelligent designer. Hopefully future studies can further prove that evolution is wrong because it is destroying the basis of which America was found, religious freedom. Evolutionists even live by some of the Bible's “sayings,” yet they are trying to disprove the Bible with a theory. For example the Golden Rule: So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. (Matthew 7:12). Many people live by this rule, or moral, Christian or not.
  19. It's basically like the "Post your desktop" thread, but this will be an actual picture or how you have you computer environment set up. Like, your desk and what you have on it. I will post a pic sometime tonight.
  20. ![](http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/1967/sprite2zq4.png) All criticism welcome :)
  21. I would post this in the "I'm New/Back/Leaving" thread but this is just temporary. If it belongs in their, sorry. But I am really far behind in school and only have 3 weeks to catch up. So, I am going to be back around June 13th. It will be hard to leave but I have to do it. If I get done early I can come back before June 13th :) Project Vhutoria will continue with less assistance from me. So, team, unless you are in dire need of my help, I can not be of assistance. See you guys later. **Marsh: suspend my account until I tell you on MSN or you get the message to let me back on the site.**
  22. This whole situation with Macrohawk reminds me of this kid, Colton that used to "live" in my area. He lived in the woods in the town I live in and would rob people. But this kid, yes kid (16 years old), had skill. When somebody was away on vacation he would break into their house, stay the night, take their money, and use their facilities. My friend was having a birthday party at her beach and everyone stayed the night down at the beach. When they woke up their cell phones were gone and some other things. Sneaky, eh? Oh, it gets better. He got caught and went to a mental house about 2 hours away from my town. After being their about 6 months, he decided he had enough, so told the cops he was going back to my town and simply escaped.
  23. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Thanks for saving everyone else from seeing those, whoever deleted them.
  24. I have honestly been working on this all day. It's harder than I thought it would be… The hard part was just converting everything to work with this GUI... Just a couple things: - The inventory button is clicked, hence the inside shadowing. - PopUps are created when a button is clicked. - The PopUps are closed by "Exit Buttons." Please rate and leave comments on things I can change :)
  25. Sorry if I'm spamming but… I am working with the source a little and noticed that the inventory section is called picInv3... Well I was wondering... Why is there a three???? This came up because I found this piece of code: ``` Private Sub picInv3entory_Click() picInv3.Visible = True End Sub ``` It looks like when they were spelling inventory in the Sub name they accidentally hit the 3 button while reaching for the E…. Idk I thought it was funny.
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