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Gameplay Preferences [Crafting]


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Hey there, Eclipse.

So, I was looking to get more feedback on this key gameplay style that we're unsure about for Eclipse Online Odyssey: Crafting.

As of now, Crafting is used rarely for recipes that later mobs drop. Since we want this game to feel like a sandbox where the player can do as they like, we were debating on making crafting more prominent early game and on.

What say you, Eclipse community, to this?

Crafting, as it is set up at the moment, relies on the player using and upgrading scaling tiers of tools to harvest materials throughout the game world, refining them using a smelter, loom, or your bare hands, and then using a recipe to use those refined materials to craft weapons, armor, or utility items. This mechanic is extended by making very rare recipe drops on hard to find/kill mobs.

At the moment, most craftable items, besides the rare recipe drops, can be simply bought with gold. We were debating removing these items (or at least most of them) from gold shops and making them strictly craftable. What say you?

Should we make crafting more prominent throughout the game?

If you have any other opinions on this matter, be sure to post them below. We are very interested in bringing the player what they would like,  but even more interested in creating a fun and balanced experience for all involved.

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In my opinion, End game and decent gear should be craftable whereas standard level 5-10-15-20-25-30 gear should be bought as a base to get a new level 5-10-15 etc. Started on the new level since the gear they would be using would be level 4-9-14-19 ad most.
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Well you need some sort of progression for your crafting throughout the leveling of your game, too. You don't want people to just craft junk throughout their low levels and then start crafting good items at the end. The way I do it is having crafted items be a little bit below the power of dungeon drops and quest rewards, and a little better than a world drop of the same level. This way, crafted items are still desirable because you can make them ahead of time and wear them when you reach that level. Crafted items will always be desirable because people love to make armor and weapons and sell them to other players and use them themselves. I don't think, however, that crafted items should ever be better than drops you get from dungeons, raids, bosses, etc. because those often require multiple people whereas crafting there is virtually no risk and you are by yourself.

Here's an example of the power level for level 10 items in my game, you can see that crafted items are around the same power level, but the dungeon and quest reward items are better.
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