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Alright, look at my example. It's the exact same height, width and color scheme:


Did you see what I do? I applied an inner stroke (1px => darker green than canvas-object), and Bevel and Emboss for the Blending options. Used a reflected gradient to lighten up the center part. Applied a white font with a drop shadow of 1px 0px 1px.

Mess with the settings. Use lightning.
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Close, but no cigar. What program are you using? G
Look at what Socuine did, he gradiented the background, so you can see the difference in color , put a black border of 1 pixel around the box (also called a bevel), and then put a drop shadow of 1 pixel on the text.

Then look at what you did, It looks like you made the background 1 color, and threw some text on it. Close, but take what Socuine did into consideration, it will make it look that much better.
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> That thing I just made took me less than a minute to produce. Learn.

And i care why?

I admit, i appreciate you're suggestion. And the style you choose does look good, its just too light for the forum i am using. I have a reason for the template i am using.
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