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[VB.Net] MyBB Login

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Hello eclipse xD
Was bored so I made this tutorial.
Super easy and simple myBB login tutorial for Vb.net.

Things that you will need for this:
2.myBBLogin.dll - [myBBLogin.dll Download](https://www.mediafire.com/?3nohyxay1z48zb5)
3.A brain


1\. So Create a project
2.Make a one button - Text: "Login" , Name: "btnLogin"
3.Make 2 textboxes - Name one "txtUsername" and other "txtPassword"
4.Double click on form to open Form_Load sub
5.Paste this in Form_Load sub
txtPassword.UseSystemPasswordChar = True

```6.Go to Project ->Add reference -> Browse  and find myBBLogin ,load it.
7.On the top of all code add
Imports myBBLogin

Public Class Form1
```or whatever your form is named add:
Public Const myweb As String = "freemmorpgmaker.com"
```- or whatever your myBB page link is
9.Double click on btnLogin and paste this:
       Dim wrkr As New HTTPWorker()
       Dim myBBForum As New myBB("http://" & myweb & "/member.php?action=login", txtUsername.Text, txtPassword.Text)
       If wrkr.login(myBBForum) Then
           'Logged in , do something
            MsgBox("Logged in!")
           MsgBox("Login failed,please try again!")
       End If

Tadaaa , your myBB login is done!
If you follow code up below you should be able to login with your Eclipse Origins acc.
Enjoy coding and have a good day xD
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