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Party Level Limit

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How to make party level limit? like if the Leader of the party is lvl 50 the only user that can join is level 50-40\. It's kinda cheat when people with lvl 90 then invite lvl 1 and start hunting on high level dungeon so the level 1 will level up faster.
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Did you actually make an attempt to implement something like this?

If no; a lesson in problem solving, as **you don't have to be a programmer to deal with this**.

- I searched "Party Join". I was led to "Party_InviteDecline", but that's not quite what we want, but it seems like it logically comes from the same place as handling party creation. Let's seek that.
- I looked for instanes of Party_InviteDecline. The only place I could find it was in the Server TCP module, suggesting to me it only acts on client input, so this isn't what we want. To move from here, I went back to Party_InviteDecline, and looked at the methods around it, as it's likely that something more relevant is grouped here.
- Sure enough, there are a load; Party_ShareExp, Party_InviteAccept, Party_Invite, etc. A quick read through these tells me that validation occurs in Party_Invite.
- Yup, we're in the right place. Now all we need to do is make an If Statement to check that the difference in level isn't greater than what you want. If it is, tell the player that, and exit the sub.

That was simple. I never had to code a thing to generally figure out what to do, and the logical process makes sense to anybody who can visualise instructions (ie. every human with a functional brain, hopefully).

The last step should take 4 lines tops (and that's including the End If). It doesn't take a programmer to be able to follow logic, and imagine what logically should happen.
If you cannot do this, I will assume that you either never tried, or you genuinely are not capable of logical thinking. Have fun!
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