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Unrecoverable DX8 on NPC

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So i was making NPC and it's already 85 NPC's in total, when i try put them on map, it was no bug/ error at all. from npc 1-50 but then npc 51-85 it has error, everytime i click on them or attack them it says "Unrecoverable DX8 Error", i tho it's because of the sprite. i try to change the sprite and i still get the same error.. Anyone knows what happen? x-x i was trying to play from .vbp so i can see the error but it doesn't show any error..
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This error is quite common when having problems with the images, try resaving those images with a image editor like gimp, photoshop or paint.net. If that doesn't work with one of those images then texture files aren't being loaded properly within in the cache or memory and it could be a source related issue.
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I'll try right now! Thanks Lavos ^^

all of the characters image right?

* * *

It's still the same, i was trying to make the same NPC. as you can see i can click and attack that Saloa NPC (it's npc number 50) but when i try to click or attack that White Stiff Horse, the error came out. (npc white stiff horse is npc number 58) it's like i just can use npc number 1-50\. the rest is bugged with that bug x-x, i was putting the same sprite as Saloa, but i it still error.
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