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DX8 error


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I made a multi-character system where you need to talk to a npc to change character but when i change the character i have a dx8 error in Client.

In the server :


Sub SetPlayerPerso(ByVal index As Long, ByVal Charac As Long)
Call PlayerMsg(index, "ERREUR !!!, Ré-esseyez !", Red)
Exit Sub
End If
Call LoadPerso(index, Charac)
TempPlayer(index).Char = Charac
End Sub

Sub LoadPerso(ByVal index As Long, CharNum As Long)
Dim filename As String
Dim F As Long

filename = App.path & "\data\accounts\" & Trim(index) & ".bin"

F = FreeFile

Open filename For Binary As #F
Get #F, , Player(index).Char(CharNum)
Call SendPlayerData(index)
Close #F
End Sub

It is not the whole code but it is here that blocks. In the Client, there is no error.
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