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DirectX10 C++ Unmanaged DLL test


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Hey guys, im working on a C++ DirectX10 dll wrapper type of dll and i've got it working pretty well but i want to see how well it runs on other systems!


Here is a link to the DL, i can't guarantee it won't work for you but if it does, i'd love to know what fps you get!(Window title you can find the fps, or fraps.)

Sephiroth976 - **5600 - 5800**
Benjo - **~7000**
JCSnider - **~9000**
PD - **250**
Mohenjo - **850**
Draken - **~1200**
Abyss - **~8600**
Talikan - **9342**
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Thank you! i do plan to release this, this is mostly just a way for those to be able to use the better DirectX versions(besides 9, there's very few wrappers that do DirectX anymore) but this will be a DirectX wrapper i plan to make if anyone in the universe ever wishes to use DX10! or whatever, up to you
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I get 2,500 Cycles per Second (FPS is whatever the hell my screen refresh rate is, not what the title bar says. :>).
Probably impeded by running Skype + Photoshop + qBitTorrent at the same time.

Although, I'm not really sure why this is an important metric to test, all it needs to do is hit 60.
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