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[Bug Fix] Fixing a serious error in Trade

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**Sorry my english**

The fix is ​​simple, but the error is serious. Suppose you are on an exchange and trade offers on an item, this item will appear in trade for both players, as should happen … the problem is if you equip that item, it disappears in exchange for you, but not for the other player, so you can trick him using the trade to sell an item that will not him.

**Open Server**

**1 -** In **modPlayer**, look for:

Public Sub UseItem(ByVal index As Long, ByVal invNum As Long, ByVal useType As Byte)

**2 -** After:

' Prevent hacking

If invNum < 1 Or invNum > MAX_ITEMS Then

Exit Sub

End If

**3 -** Add:

If TempPlayer(index).InTrade > 0 Then Exit Sub


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