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Hello everyone ?

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Good afternoon everyone, my name is t0m. I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about how I got here.
About 3 years ago I have been creating an RPG from scratch. both drawings, music, characters, items, etc ...
A friend recommended me:
Since you spent so long doing it, because instead of making it a common and current game, why don't you do it online?
And here I am.
From everything I saw I think it is the best engine, but I really have some doubts about Eclipse Renewal that I would like to clarify
First :
I need to know what script corresponds to the character creation, I mean change their hair, color, etc.


I would like to know how I can show with numbers the damage done to the npc, as well as to the players.

I apologize for my basic English, but I think they understand me well

Thanks for the space and I await your responses.
Also know if with Eclipse renewal it is possible to launch a mmorpg, or if it is recommended to use another program?
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I'm not totally clear on a few things you're asking, so I'll do my best to answer everything :)

Eclipse Renewal doesn't have a scripting system, but you are able to change the code if you have VB6 (VB.Net or other IDEs won't work). The areas of code you would need to change are the player attributes (both client and server), the character rendering (client in modGraphics), and the character creation in frmMenu. It's not a hard change to make if you know what you're doing, but otherwise it can be a pain finding everything.

I think the damage numbers are shown when you attack, but I could be mistaken. If they aren't shown, the areas of code that would need changing are in modHandleData (cleint) where the combat damage is received (if it's not sent, then you need to edit modServerTCL {server] to send the data), and modGraphics (client side) to render the damage for a brief time.


My overall thoughts on Eclipse Renewal 1.8 is that it's a good middle ground engine. There are some bugs (the biggest is a warp/teleport issue), and it's not feature rich like some other engines. I probably wouldn't use it solely because I can program the features I do and don't want, but for someone with more limited experience coding in these engines, it's not a bad engine to use, but it's probably not the best, either.

However, I am still working on ER 1.9, but there is no release date currently. I'm super busy with my job, and optimizing it as I go is really slowing me down as well. So, I would say don't wait for me to finish so you can use it, since that could be a year or two (if not more) at this rate.


As for MMO status, I don't know of any engine on this site that can handle more than 30-ish players at a time.
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thank you very much for your reply, he understood me perfectly.
So I think it's not what I'm looking for,
I try to make a big project, something stable for 3 thousand players.
Or that minimally supports 300.
Now I have many questions about where to work my project.
Many people talk me Java. Many others tell me Unity, GameMaker, Same intersect engine.
i download it and it's very bad.
Thank you very much and all the information will be of great help since I am new to this.
If you want me to tell you more about everything I did these last 3 years we can have a talk by discord
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