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What software should i use for art design?

Sekiguchi Okitsugu

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I need a software that will help me draw art designs(for game design and manga), but i don't know any good softwares. Please tell me any good softwares. oh and if it is a software that doesnt requre any drawing skills, that will be great!!(i already know how to draw some manga, but i'm lazy).

Thanks people!
Seki :3
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Krita is good for digital painting. It also has the best PSD support next to Photoshop (yes I know Photoshop made PSD don't correct me please). No commercial software even comes close and it is of course made by KDE which is open-source.

Plus it is free. Not sure what type of art you want to make - the style to speak.
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There is no such software to help you draw manga easily or with no skill at all, at least not free, and even those require some level of drawing skills and understanding of what you're doing.

I would recommend to draw on real paper, at least to try, because it will train your hand and eyes better than doing it on a computer, and when you got the basic of drawing stuff, human anatomy, perspective, only then try drawing on a computer.
It will require a tablet [there are some cheap Wacom tablets, not sure about your budget].
Of course there is always the good old mouse, if you get used to it, you can draw with that too, though it will be much harder, also with the mouse you can draw in Line Art techinique, wich takes longer but the results can be amazing.

If you are passionate about some things, you better start learning them, do not use shortcuts, it's like asking how to win the karate tournament without training in karate or at all.


- Use real paper to learn how to draw
- Inform yourself about anatomy, perspective, shapes, colors, shading, etc.

After that

- Buy a drawing tablet to draw on the computer
- Get used to the tablet
- Try getting something done

Alternatives to the tablet [obviously this is the harder way]

- Get used drawing with a mouse
- Inform yourself about Line Art

Good luck!
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You are right, no shortcuts when it comes to drawing manga or anything else.
When you will become better at drawing I recommend using these softwares:

Free Softwares:

- Krita
- Inkscape [vector based, nice for line art]
- MyPaint

Paid Softwares:

- Manga Studio / Clip Studio [uses both raster and vector]
- Photoshop

To get Manga or Clip Studio for free you might check some cheap Wacom tablets, they usually come with a bonus software license, mine was Clip Studio.
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if your looking to make pixel art tiles and sprites for your custom game I would suggest just using MS Paint. I know its stupid but Ive tried many programs for pixels. I own a license to photoshop and I still prefer paint over P.S for pixels.
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