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Creating Logos..


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I've been trying to find some tutorials on creating logos and icons and haven't been able to find anything I've been looking for. If anyone knows of any decent photoshop tutorials or a tutorial series they could recommend me to that would be greatly appreciated!
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PS tutorial to make logos?

Listen to my advice, get used to whatever software you wanna work in and feel comfortable using, then all you can do is start working.
You can't find any tutorials, because there aren't any tutorials on how to have imagination or how to be smart, oh you can pretend but that won't make it for you.

Tools can't teach you to do something, you use them to teach yourself, but to use them you first need to know how to use the tool.

Instead of asking if there are any tutorials on how to make logos in PS, you better ask youself if you know how to use PS, if you do know, then all you need is imagination and of course some aesthetics knowledge.
Start by looking at thousands of logos there are, and see what they have in common.

Some advices on logos

A logo should be easy to remember, easy for the eyes.
Depending on who or what company is, it should at least have a "spark" of who are you trying to represent in that logo, meaning, you don't make something abstract for a catering company for example, because it won't be related to their shit.
You can go abstract though, but that applies for abstract names, also you can combine some abstract with that "spark" I mentioned above, something to remember wtf is that company or person about.

Do not make complex logos with a lot of colors, try to avoid gradients if possible, try using less as possible. [this also depends, that's why you have to educate yourself, by looking at many logos as possible and which company they represent]
The logo should look good in small and big sizes.

The list goes on and on, you just need experience, and you can get it by asking your friends or whatever to make up a company and a story for it, so you would have an idea where to start, when you done some shit ask them how the logo looks, you can post it here to see my opinion too if you really care.

2 more tips
Use vector based softwares like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator it's a lot easier to work with vector shapes than raster and when making logos, everything is about shapes, it's not like you need to paint the logos.
Use a sketchbook or whatever but to be real paper, sketch something in there then try to replicate on whatever software, preferably what I mentioned above, vector based.

Try playing with shape elements you created in the software, arrange and rearrange them, put them side by side, see which looks better and why it fits better for whatever.
Try resizing them, see if it still looks nice.

OK, enough, gave ya enough infos, good luck!
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