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The situation.

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I'm making this post, not because I want to, but because the members of the site do deserve an explanation as to what's going on. I should probably start with Matthew. Originally I was paying Matthew to create a new engine for the site, this was around 4 thousand dollars somewhere down the line I figured I didn't have the funds to pay him fully as we had agreed so we negotiated, again a little later we negotiated that he'd do it for free because I just knew I didn't have the funds. He had come to me with a framework he'd been working on for two years, to be honest I was paying him to finish his own work you could say. While he understood I couldn't pay he didn't want to "leave me in the dust" or so he put it.

I'd still told him I'd pay him where I could, what I could. Around the same time Chief had contacted me on skype asking me if I needed help with the site financially because (I'd forgotten to turn on auto domain renewal) so it was just some confusion. We talked further and basically came to the conclusion that Chief could help with development of the new site after hearing my plans and my vision for Eclipse. Development was going great and then we picked up two additional developers…Jacqueline and Spicey Wolf. Chief was the head of web development, but he often involved himself with how the engine development team was run, I guess he had a lot of input in that area as well. I was ok with this. 

Development was going well except a few problems like Jacqueline feeling like Matthew didn't do much or misscommunication with SpiceyWolf. Moving ahead, I'd had a mission coming up to go to texas and I let everyone know. Everyone seemed fine with this. We'd had multiple meetings prior, though at this point I did recieve a few messages from Chief about how he'd slightly wanted to change the direction or what things he didn't like (this was mostly influenced by other people who gave him their opinions)

I came back from my mission to what I thought would be progress and things going well, but it wasn't that at all. Chief had gotten into a confrontation with Jamie and Benjo, generally he attacked every staff member besides the developers because he started ranting on how all Jamie knew how to do was ban, mind you Jamie posed a simple question asking if a member had been banned, he did not ban anyone, but Chief attacked him, from what I read (I have the skype logs as well)

So Chief attacked Jamie and then went on to start saying that all the staff (including me) were dead weight, and were useless...this is where Benjo stepped in and started making his points. So after reading this, I was upset with Chief, not going to lie and I told him it was disrespectful and rude and that he wasn't above anyone. I did agree with someone of his points about the site being ban happy in the past, but I didn't agree with him attacking the entire staff team. Just so you guys know, Chief had a grudge against Jamie. He'd explained to me in multiple calls how much he didn't like Jamie, I made it clear to Chief that Jamie was a person I trusted as an advisor. All in all, I tried to settle things with Chief the best way I saw fit, but I made it clear that I wasn't taking his side because I felt he attacked a number of the staff who really can't help that they didn't have anything to do in that stage of development. IN HIS DEFENSE he felt he was unappreciated because Jamie had explained he wouldn't be banned if it weren't for me being kind.

At the same time, he started the attack first. Jacqueline somewhat sided with Chief, but also understood the other staff's sides...however she made it clear that if Chief left that she was leaving (obviously as a dev I can only assume she didn't appreciate the fact that I sided with them and did not put the devs above the other staff whose roles weren't as important) was it dumb on my part? I could honestly give zero fucks. I did what I felt was right and I'd do it 100 times again.

A day or two had past and I'm sure the devs had been meeting in the discord and talking to eachother, in my honest opinion...I believe Chief talked them into joining and I could be 100% wrong, but everything was very convinient...but maybe it was just on me? 

That was the entire situation, sorry about the grammar or spelling errors...just typing this post emotionally. At the end of the day I'm tired of being pointed at as the bad guy who keeps failing the site etc...etc.. I'm not just speaking BS on this situation. Anyone who wants to see the skype logs can see them. I still have them, everything I've put here I have proof to back it up besides anything I pointed out as an opinion. Take it as you will, belive what you will. I will try to develop the site myself, might be slower, but I'm done depending on others. A lot of work has to be done, but it's hard as fuck when I feel unappreciated for even trying to fix a site for people who could give one fuck about me or what I'm doing.

- Link
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I love you Link! It's okay to be emotional and feel like the bad guy, to run a community that's kinda how you're supposed to feel. It's a special motivation.

If you need help I am here to help, I sent you a message a few days ago…but you haven't responded. I'd like to chat with you sometime....
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Was this so hard man? A post with even a fifth of this info a week would do wonders for your community. I wish you good luck (I really do. As I said I'm not personally attacking you.) moving forward with your community and will pop in every now and then to see what you've done.

(And hey, just for shits and giggles, I love you as well <3)
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In order to defend myself, I'll make a few brief points

* I did not attack anyone on a personal level; I was simply sick of the fact that the staff sit around and perpetuate the site's death and hope that a new site and engine will magically fix the management issues, so I called out the team for not doing enough.
* Too many talented and useful members have been banned, burned, or disregarded simply because you can't take criticism.
* I took it upon myself to try and mop up after the staff; to try and rebuild bridges with members and communities that you and your team have pushed away. Instead of being thanked for caring about the website and putting in extra effort, the team got mad at me and told me that I should only program, and leave the rest up to the other staff, as if I wasn't a real member; just a code monkey you can boss around.
* Once I called out the team and made some observations, I was told that I do not contribute anything to the team, and I should have never been unbanned.
* You said that some people are only good at following directions and taking orders; This was in reference to Matt (which was very rude).
* You then said that the real person to blame for the site dying is Marsh for having sold it in the first place (which is you deflecting responsibility).
* I did not coerce the other devs to leave and join me; Jackie agreed with all points I had made, Matt was also tired of the nonsense, and Damien was loyal to the dev team, not your team, so he didn't even blink an eye about the situation.
* You wanted our future marketplace to be a direct competitor with steam; you were not aware of the MANY other game marketplaces out there. Why would I want to work for someone that has no understanding of their potential audience? That's just asking for more pain than it's worth.

Overall, no, you did not "piss off the dev team", but you and your team are most definitely deluded–The best way to put why we left is to say that we have creative differences. Just for more clarity to everyone, this is the exact message I sent to Link once the dev team decided to quit:

> To make a potentially long drawn out shouting match short, The entire dev team is leaving eclipse and your team. I can tell you the reasons why, but that’s not going to end well for anyone. Although nobody signed anything, we will still be handing off work that’s been done up to this point out of respect. If you’d like, I can even show you how to run a node server locally to run the website, but that’s where our paths fork into different directions.

There's no animosity between both parties; My intention was to leave this situation drama-free, but Skyward decided that he wanted to pry, so here we are.
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Link, thanks for the post :) truly, it helps so much. Just seeing a post a week gives the community a sense that something's happening and it's not dead. Good news or bad news, makes no difference, news is news and it means there's something going on. Also, feel free to bounce ideas off of us, I don't know how Marsh ran the site, I've been told it was amazing, but frankly I don't care, he's not the one running it now, you are, and you're the one that we want to see doing things. Bouncing ideas off of us might help it feel more like there's things going on as would basic sketches or drawings of what you're thinking you want the site to look like, or other things. I think one thing Marsh did was made the community and the staff/dev team more like one body, but I don't know for sure. I wish you luck in communicating better and more though :)
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In the interest of more clarity, since Link has decided that I'm some evil asshole, Here's the skype chat we just had.

> [5/12/16, 8:32:38 PM] DrYukiro: Just a FYI.
> [5/12/16, 8:32:51 PM] DrYukiro: Cici has been more loyal in the last 3 minutes she was a staff.
> [5/12/16, 8:32:58 PM] DrYukiro: Didn't plan to back stab me before even joining.
> [5/12/16, 8:33:06 PM] DrYukiro: That moment when you find out the truth about someone.
> [5/12/16, 8:33:14 PM] DrYukiro: #Callsmeimmature.
> [5/12/16, 8:34:14 PM] DrYukiro: Keep your website/source files m8.
> [5/12/16, 8:39:06 PM] Nick Dugger: lol, you really are delusional.
> [5/12/16, 8:41:54 PM] Nick Dugger: I really was on board with your vision for the site, and was more than willing to put in the work for FREE, mind you. It wasn’t until I worked with your team for a while that I realized how vampyrous you guys really are. You need to get out of your own head and see what everyone else sees.
> Not once in any of my threads did I say anything negative about you. I’ve replied only with respect, and you come onto skype and make insinuations about my intentions.
> [5/12/16, 8:47:21 PM] DrYukiro: What?
> [5/12/16, 8:47:37 PM] DrYukiro: Tell me how I'm acting childish to someone as scummy as that.
> [5/12/16, 8:47:48 PM] Nick Dugger: Tell me how I’m scummy?
> [5/12/16, 8:47:56 PM] Nick Dugger: I was working with you towards a common goal
> [5/12/16, 8:47:58 PM] DrYukiro: Who planned months ahead to back stab me.
> [5/12/16, 8:47:59 PM] Nick Dugger: Not once did I demand anything
> [5/12/16, 8:48:09 PM] DrYukiro: I have proof of what you said
> [5/12/16, 8:48:16 PM] Nick Dugger: I never planned to back stab you; I was concerned about the direction you were taking the site
> [5/12/16, 8:48:21 PM] Nick Dugger: I know you were talking to JC
> [5/12/16, 8:48:25 PM] DrYukiro: I felt no need to talk before blocking you
> [5/12/16, 8:48:26 PM] Nick Dugger: I told JC all of my concerns
> [5/12/16, 8:48:50 PM] Nick Dugger: I wanted to co-own the site while developing it becuase you have no idea what you’re doing. I had no intentions about taking it away from you
> [5/12/16, 8:49:16 PM] DrYukiro: You specifically planned to leave me in the dust if you didn't get control of the site.
> [5/12/16, 8:49:19 PM] DrYukiro: I have the proof man.
> [5/12/16, 8:49:26 PM] DrYukiro: You don't have to lie to me to feel better yo.
> [5/12/16, 8:49:34 PM] DrYukiro: I heard it from your mouth in a discord.
> [5/12/16, 8:49:35 PM] Nick Dugger: I don’t lie; SHow me what you have
> [5/12/16, 8:49:50 PM] Nick Dugger: lol, I told you that I would leave if I didn’t get ownership?
> [5/12/16, 8:50:31 PM] DrYukiro: What more is there really to talk about
> [5/12/16, 8:50:38 PM] DrYukiro: I already said thanks for trying to send me the files
> [5/12/16, 8:50:42 PM] DrYukiro: which you're using for your site
> [5/12/16, 8:50:47 PM] DrYukiro: Thanks anyway.
> [5/12/16, 8:50:56 PM] DrYukiro: I just never met a foul person like that.
> [5/12/16, 8:51:09 PM] DrYukiro: I know I can be a dick, but damn.
> [5/12/16, 8:51:10 PM] Nick Dugger: What’s there to talk about? You think I’m some lowlife that wanted to take your shit away from you. I’ve done nothing to indicate that
> [5/12/16, 8:51:19 PM] Nick Dugger: You’re delusional
> [5/12/16, 8:51:25 PM] DrYukiro: I am?
> [5/12/16, 8:51:45 PM] Nick Dugger: Yes. You think that making devs write a bunch of code will magically fix the way that you manage your website
> [5/12/16, 8:51:49 PM] Nick Dugger: It’s ridiculous
> [5/12/16, 8:51:50 PM] DrYukiro: Well, sorry about that.  I really don't want to fight.
> [5/12/16, 8:51:58 PM] Nick Dugger: Neither do I
> [5/12/16, 8:52:06 PM] Nick Dugger: Which is why I’ve been trying to be respectful
> [5/12/16, 8:52:21 PM] Nick Dugger: I didn’t make a goodbye thread, I gave you the files, I’ve not spammed or been an ass on your forums
> [5/12/16, 8:52:30 PM] Nick Dugger: I have no idea why you think I’m some evil asshole
> [5/12/16, 8:53:08 PM] DrYukiro: Probably because you told JC if you didn't get control of the website you planned to leave.
> [5/12/16, 8:53:22 PM] DrYukiro: That's what we call, backstabbing
> [5/12/16, 8:53:52 PM] DrYukiro: Leave down the line.
> [5/12/16, 8:53:55 PM] Nick Dugger: Not once did I ever tell him that I wanted control over you; I said co-ownership, because I had a better understanding of the competition and your audience. You thought you were gonna be able to compete with steam, because no other markets existed
> [5/12/16, 8:53:58 PM] DrYukiro: You never had intentions man.
> [5/12/16, 8:53:59 PM] DrYukiro: Lol
> [5/12/16, 8:54:12 PM] DrYukiro: Also I didn't argue back in the topic
> [5/12/16, 8:54:23 PM] DrYukiro: but I made it clear that my objective was no longer to compete with steam
> [5/12/16, 8:54:36 PM] DrYukiro: nor did I ever say Matthew ever needed to take orders
> [5/12/16, 8:54:40 PM] DrYukiro: Someone else said that
> [5/12/16, 8:55:13 PM] Nick Dugger: Yes, but the point is that you were clueless. I didn’t want to work FOR someone that had no idea what he was doing, so I wanted co-ownership so that we would work WITH eachother. I never said that I wanted you out of the picture. Ever.
> [5/12/16, 8:55:28 PM] DrYukiro: I gave you a co-ownership.
> [5/12/16, 8:55:31 PM] DrYukiro: You still backstabbed
> [5/12/16, 8:55:35 PM] Nick Dugger: No you didn't
> [5/12/16, 8:55:36 PM] DrYukiro: because I didn't pick your side
> [5/12/16, 8:55:39 PM] DrYukiro: over benjo
> [5/12/16, 8:55:41 PM] Nick Dugger: You told me that I was only a developer
> [5/12/16, 8:55:52 PM] DrYukiro: Ok shrug
> [5/12/16, 8:55:54 PM] Nick Dugger: and that I shouldn’t worry about anything other than writing code

I am appalled at the reaction to this whole clusterfuck. I tried to keep it quite and respectful, and now that it's all out in the open Link is only interested in pointing fingers and blaming everyone but himself. This is exactly what I mentioned in my previous post.
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My post was just deleted, and Link is now rubbing it in on skype. It was a chat log about how he thinks I tried to back stab him, and me proving him otherwise. If he's so afraid to let me show the chat log, then that's on him, but I was offering more clarity.

Here's what eclipse really is now.
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Pretty much everything has been said. I just want to clarify a few things, and state my perspective.

I had contacted Link sometime around February because I had developed/was developing a 2D game framework in C#. The purpose of the framework was not intended to go beyond primitive rendering, networking, and audio components. Link offered to pay me to turn the framework into a game engine, and so I'm somewhat confused by your (Link) statement that you were essentially paying me to finish my own work. I do apologize for the misunderstanding.

My reason for leaving was merely due to a personal issue I have with game development; it tires me. The only reason I ever accepted the position was because there was promise of payment. Jackie and SpiceyWolf were not the first few developers to hop on board. There was another developer who briefly became a part of the team, and then was kicked out by Link. After I had done some work, Link mentioned he found a few developers who were willing to work for free, and that he could no longer pay me. When he explained his reasons, I told him how I felt about game development, and told him to let the two developers join with the promise that I wouldn't have to contribute as much.

When Jackie and Spicey joined the team, it was right around the start of my exam periods. The Discord meeting we had discussing the future was literally an hour before a final review session I had. I was worried about my exams, and gave myself a week to study prior to each exam I had. This spanned over four weeks. I thought I had stated this several times to the team, but Jackie might have missed it.

The one thing I didn't want to do to the community was present a bright future full of promise, and not have it work out. I told Link that I really didn't want any publication of what was going on until we had something presentable. When the 'dream team' was assembled, I found myself with a 'developer' title on Eclipse, and even weekly dev log from Chief and Jackie about both projects. I had been gone for nearly a month, and I was really out of the loop. I expressed my discontent for it, but figured it would be okay. But there was internal arguing between staff members, and I had realized that our dev-team wasn't well established. Jackie had gone off and started a map-editor, and we weren't all on the same page on what our goals were. This is largely due to my fault, and I do apologize to Jackie and Spicey for that.

Furthermore, I'd like to extend my apologies toward the community. You've been an online home for me for the past five years or so, and I have many fond memories talking to its members. Those of you who know me know that I've dedicated a lot of time to this site, and based off of that, I truly thought I would be able to produce an engine for you to use. I failed you on that. Just understand that I just simply no longer find enjoyment from game-development as I once used to.

I don't want to end my ties with you (Link) on bad terms, so please understand I bear you no ill-will. Leaving the team was entirely to do with me, and little to do with anyone else.
I wish you and your future team(s) the best with your efforts to rejuvenate the site. I really do hope that future users will find the site as enjoyable as I once did.
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Thanks Matt, and there were a few mis-understandings. I meant I was paying you to add the logic to your own work. I also bear no ill-feelings towards you or any developers really.
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Oh boy.. When are y'all going to get it together and realize that creating an "official" engine is never going to happen? There are TONS of ports out there in various languages; polish one of them and be done with it!
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Meh, I still have no idea what took so long to clarify this BS, from what I see there is nothing too WOW, just kids drama.

-You picked on my friends so stahp it!
-I am the baws here, you do as I say!
-Fine, I'm leaving!

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