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Orake the GM

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> I do suggest letting the mini map and GUI be hideable (not sure if they are already) because they really get in the way from time to time. Also, maybe try and get a drop down for chat channels, it will help make talking easier.

You can hide the MiniMap by the little button to the right of it :).


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sorry, it was a quick test. The game will be up and running soon, A lot of things need to be fixed. I will give a release date today or tomorrow.


> I do suggest letting the mini map and GUI be hideable (not sure if they are already) because they really get in the way from time to time. Also, maybe try and get a drop down for chat channels, it will help make talking easier.

Will do, Thanks.
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thank you i will make that Chat easier to use like you said. :) If you can think of anything else that was wrong with the game please tell me ! :D
-ALSO some maps you Can't use the mini map. (Thats not a bug) I can choose what maps can use/not the Mini Map.
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First Impressions: I am a huge ultima online fan so seeing skill use leveling makes me extremely happy. There are a ton of synergy opportunities that could be calculated in. For example, alchemy raises potion effectiveness or woodcutting increases melee damage by a small amount. I am enjoying myself in regards to character progression.

I cant give feedback on content yet as I am not through the current content after one day, but the world map seems small, so there may be a need here.

Combat is good, albeit slow, but this is overshadowed by knowing you are training in endurance etc during fights. Its not about kill speed but rather how often you are in combat. It promoted challenging yourself and I appreciate it.

Overall, this game is worth trying if for no other reason than experiencing the creative approach to progression. L personally look forward to the full loot pvp… When Im ready.
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Other places that you might be able to advertise at (I just did a quick search of "2d game forums" on google and a few sites that I think you're able to post your game on came up)

I'll let you search what I did to find some more places to advertise.
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*Ice Dragon drop “Ice Land Tele”
*Ghost Boss fully in with linear spells “Boss drops all Ghost weapons, Ghost helms, and arrows” *Elemental, and Chaotic Ghosts drop “Ghost ring, legs, plates, shards and arrows”
*Ghost legs can be cooked for ghost shards
*Ghost bolts can be made with Glowing shards
*New God Death Worm drops new range top and God Bow + other small stuff
*New god Called “Kexthra” Drops new God Wand, new spell + other stuff
*New level 50 cave with Dragons, and Dragon Slayer, in this cave you can get -Hides to make bowls -Two different types of wings to make two different types of soups
-Dragon shield
-New spell
*Rainbow fish give 300 more xp
*New Boneyard member area
*New wing cosmetics + you can now dye more weapons, and add wings to rings
*Fixed a lot of grammar errors
*Made tutorial easier for beginners + added Skipper in every room in tutorial
*Made Npc’s in commonly used areas to spawn randomly to avoid botting
*All hides can be noted now, all full, and half potions can be noted
*Maxed capes changed to 110k rather then 600k
*Fixed alchemy experience rates it is now 1.7x easier to level up.
*Balanced armors, gave more endurance and magic armor slightly more endurance and sorcery
*New mini-game almost finished will be removing capture the flag, and adding throwing knifes, and a whip to mini game store.
*Weapons with no rage will not waste rage when you try and use rage.

Programming fixed/added:
*You can trade items and put a (n) before the number and it would glitch out
*Bosses could not use linear spells
*Fixed server errors
*New cosmetic slot!
*Kill counter!
*Volume scrollers
*Sound on/off for bows
*If you had a full inventory you wouldn’t lose gear, now you will
*Fixed using task manager to keep your stuff when you die.
*When alching something more then 100k, it will ask you if your sure
*Changed buying, and selling limits from 100, to 1000
*Menu music on, and off
*Removed log in checker
*Changed combat level to 105
*Added what was needed for the new minigame
*Change password by doing /changepassword (NEW) (OLD)
*Rage bar had two problems with it that are now fixed

-Endurance level
-When you finish a quest with a full inventory the item will go in your bank.
-Exploit needs fix
-Tele block (Something to stop teleing)
-Server restarter (restart the server if any errors, and log the error
-Other players can captcha (a bug in the Captcha code)
-Log in problem (You will press login, and nothing will happen)
-Adding in a market
-Multi server(edited)
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