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Orake the GM

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jeppe I wish LOOLL,
And thanks guys :D

I want to release this game bad, one of the main problems is i cant find a decent launcher for this game, if anyone can tell me about a stable launcher that does the job please do. When i get this launcher I'm going to have 1 day where people are going to go on the game, And do a massive pvp test. then a week affter fully release it.

* * *

GREAT MY BROTHER A FUCKING IDIOT AND PUT THE DOWLOAD LINK TO MY FUCK SERVER AND CLIENT ON MY WEBSITE. who here got my game… ? I's so stressed, i spent so much tome on this and now deff some people have it thats great.
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question when people look at my YouTube video on eclipse does it give me views on YouTube?
yes i have a website, Orake.weebly.com. Also urs works BUT it random doesn't work, sometimes it stop working and give a error, i dont want that to happen to my players
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June 12th this Sunday we are having a passive pvp test giving everyone 10m and lv 20 accounts to test out the pvp (al accounts will be deleted affter test) then the following week June 19th we will fully realise the game :) thankyou please support us and subscribe and add on fb :)
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DONT FORGET TO PLAY PVP BETA TEST 3PM EST, the beta test is 3-13 BUT everyone will be on around 3-4 so be on with everyone!!!!!! Download the game on orake.weebly.com
the download link we be available right before the beta test due to a few problem i have been having. THANKYOU :D
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