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Kicks Online


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![](http://images.kicksonline.eu/ball2.png) **STREET FOOTBALL**

Kicks Online is an online street football game which contains influences of both regular football as futsal.
Because of this, you can experience the excitement of actual football even with a lower amount of players.

![](http://images.kicksonline.eu/ball2.png) **TEAM PLAY**
Feel the excitement of scoring goals in team play effort.

![](http://images.kicksonline.eu/ball2.png) **CHARACTER POSITIONS**
Players can choose to either be a FW (forward), MF (midfielder) or DF (defender).
As the game progresses, you will be able to choose advanced rolls to master your position on the pitch.
Each position requires its own unique skills in order to compete at the top level.

![](http://images.kicksonline.eu/ball2.png) **CONTROL**
Experience spectacular overhead kicks, different kinds of tackles, powerful shots, and many other individual skills your role can perform to show your skill on the pitch.



**Website:** [KicksOnline.eu](http://kicksonline.eu)
**Forum:** [Forum](http://forum.kicksonline.eu)
**Facebook:** [Facebook page](https://www.facebook.com/kicksonline.eu)
**Twitter:** [Twitter page](https://twitter.com/KicksOnlineEU)
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