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RTE 91


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I've been converting my Mirage Source networking code to the one SkyWyre uses. However, I'm getting **RTE 91: Object variable or With block variable not set**

The error appears in Incoming Data sub routine on this line:

_TempPlayer(index).buffer.WriteBytes buffer()_

From my research, it's possible that Buffer() isn't set to anything which is why the error is being produced. But there is a packet containing data, as the DataLength is 43 bytes. Any ideas?
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..ugh you're asking a hard question their buddy. The only way of thinking to solve RTE91 is to actually move into debugging tools to see what is actually happening with between client and server. Just use the immediate box to find out what value is it returning.
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Should be simple; one of the things there is Nothing.

Open up your IDE and get to that point and hover over TempPlayer(index), TempPlayer(index).buffer and buffer() and see what could possibly be null. Once you've determined that, come back. ~

(edit: or, if you want to forgo that "come back" step entirely, figure out where what's null should be set and ensure that's being called before you try to use it.)
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