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Mirage Realms - Android & PC


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Hello Eclipse,

I've posted about this over a year ago when I was starting to put some time into this project and now I've actually quit my job to go full time on it things are progressing much faster. I'd like to raise some awareness where possible, and figured this might be a cool place to do it. My old post contained a lot of outdated screenshots and information and is on page 9 billion by now so I hope the admins don't mind me creating a fresh one.

Allow me to apologise in advance for the dodgey in-game text scaling on all of the android screenshots, these were taken on my phone and the aliasing is for it's DPI, on the phone it looks sharp but when screenshotted and blown up to our monitors it looks really crap ¯\_(?)_/¯

**What is Mirage Realms?**


Simply put, it's a 2D ORPG in the spirit of games such as Tibia and to a lesser extent World of Warcraft, but done in an extremely _retro_ way targeting primarily the mobile phone market (Android initially), but also running with a client natively on PC (windows, OSX, and linux are supported). If you are familiar with Tibia, we have taken their style of auto-combat but are throwing in spells and ability rotations similar to world of warcraft. Dungeons are instanced and procedurally generated from 'jigsaw' pieces of maps.

**What does it look like?**

Well, the client UI is tailored to the platform so you will get a different experience on the PC to your mobile phone, but at present the mobile client looks like this:


As you can see despite having worked my ass off on this since forever, there's still a long way to go and the UI still looks very placeholder. I've put in a load of cool stuff lately so players can customise what they look like with different hairstyles, helmets, stuff to wear on their back and such when they create their characters. Looks super basic but it's there. When you hit enemies they bleed, different types of enemies have different types of blood. Dead enemies have bodies, and if they drop loot you see a little bag indicating there are some goodies for you. Distance auto-attacks fire things across the screen, here you can see an arrow at the end of it's flight hitting that troll. There are blood 'splash' animations for successful hits, as well as animations indicating the type of attack that occurred, i.e. sword attacks show slash animations on the target, claw attacks show claw scratches etc~


Once you are in-game the benefits of this become immediately apparent, everyone likes looking different afterall.


Different vocations get different boosts to their stamina (health) and spirit (mana) each time they level, but other skills such as your attack power, defense, or magic ability level up the more you do them. This means if you want to get good at hitting things in the face with a sword, you are going to have to go and hit things in the face with a sword.



Leveling up your various skills results in classic 'rising over the head' notification so everyone can see how awesome you are (or how much you suck I guess). I'm currently working on implementing the basic inventory, no point having loot if people can't pick the sodding stuff up is there.


And of course, I've been writing dev tools to make implementing content viable as I move forwards.


Now, I realise I have just bombarded you with screenshots and not written any long paragraphs about lore and all that jazz, we have a lot of story and progression stuff written down but I find that stuff isn't actually any fun to read about unless you are invested in the world it takes place in - as there is currently no game for you to play to get interested about the lore, I feel banging on about it is a pointless endeavor when all you really want to see is what the game looks and feels like.


I apologise for the crazy scaling of the images, everything on the android client looks nice on the DPI of my phone but when screenshotted and dragged over to the PC all the little tiny aliasing artifacts become glaringly obvious. There of course is a PC client, if you are wondering what the scaling on that looks like, see the above screenshot. Making the window larger just shows more of the game world rather than stretching everything like on mobiles. You'll notice the text also looks great on it's native DPI.

If any of this looks interesting at all you can read all about it over at [**www.miragerealms.com**](http://www.miragerealms.com), if you'd like to help or have any suggestions / questions I'm happy to talk openly about the project. I'm currently living on savings and will be trying to push the game to release by the end of the year. There's a lot to do but I don't think it's an impossible task.

Cheers everyone,
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