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[EA] Global Chat problem


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Hi ,

French Users have letters like é è etc… when someone try to put a message wich contains theses letters it simply doesn't show the message in the tchat .

There isn't a problem with the normal chat (Map) only with the global one.

I took a look into the code by searching Globalmsg and comparing it with the map chat but can't see what is missing anyone could tell me ?
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Thanks for trying to help me , but this didn't worked ,

Now i suppose i need to find the same prevent hack for the map message and paste it to the global one right?

Edit : they are both same code in prevent hack so didn't worked too
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You did add the little : **'** **before your message ?

My keyboard is also English , but other players (french) are using AZERTY keyboard and still don't work (mine too but only when using 'messagehere

By the way i'm using v.21 the latest one**
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