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Who would be interested in doing a game jam?


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So, title has the question. I've been wanting to do one for a while, but I literally cannot find anybody who's interested.

As for rulesets, we can determine time limits (inclined to do 3 or 5 days?), theming (if any?), later on (should anybody actually be interested) and a convenient time for everybody, but…yeah. Anybody interested?
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Unfortunately, the only upcoming one in the next week that's on itch.io is one for 4chan, everything else is a month from now. I can't find anything featured on Game Dev League either.
If you're aware of something upcoming, it'd be great to share it.

Not interested in having some massive event, just making a small friendly competition (if that).
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Mini Ludum Dare is running right now but that's a little long. I'm down for some friendly competition. I've been working on a scripting language (a parser that sits on top of a stack-based virtual machine) and making a game with it or atleast incorporating it into a game would be neat and help push its development.

I'll also be free from work for the summer starting this Friday so anytime after that should be good for me.
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