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Mirage Realms - Released on Android!


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Hello everyone!

I really hope you don't mind me making a fresh topic, if a mod could perhaps delete the other one if I'm breaking a rule here that would be awesomecakes. So, yesterday I released Mirage Realms on the google play store for Android devices in open alpha. It's largely an engine test at this stage but there's enough content and stuff to do to keep you entertained for about an hour or so, I'd really appreciate it if any of you guys have an Android device if you would take a look for me when you are on the toilet or waiting at the bus stop or what have you :)

You can find it at the play store here: [Mirage Realms (google play store)](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxcake.mirage.android)

I'm totally open to any and all feedback I can get my hands on, and am actively working on this every day. I quit my day job a few months ago to go full time on this for a while so progress has sped up by a significant orderof magnitude! To give a sort of overview of what exactly the game is and what's changed since my last post, I'm going to copy my [websites](http://www.miragerealms.com) latest news post below:

**Overview of major changes**

_The user interface has been totally redesigned!_

Well, to tell you the truth, so much has been added since my last news post it's a bit of a fools errand at this stage going over it all. Looking at when I last posted, I'll try and scan over some of the larger things that have changed:

* There are now 3 classes, Knight, Mage and Ranger - each use a different weapon and skill
* Items are now a thing, items can be stackable
* Full loot and inventory system. Monsters drop loot bags that can be opened and taken. Kill monsters, loot stuffs.
* Client look and feel redesign to be much friendlier and brighter on mobile devices
* Capacity / weight system, Items have a weight and you gain 10 capacity per level
* Auto attacks are now tied to weapons, equip a bow to shoot arrows, equip a staff to throw fireballs, etc
* Full equipment system, items can modify all player stats when worn
* Rewrite of skill system and all combat equations, different stats apply to different types of damage output / defence
* The equipment screen now actively compares items from the inventory with the equipped item, displaying the differences
* Chat messages now appear over peoples heads
* Character creation and selection screens have been redesigned
* Vocations now have colours, and their primary damage type is associated with that colour. Cyan for knight, Orange for mage, Pink for ranger
* Online list added, chat system revamped
* A **lot** of server side improvements, fixes, logging, optimisations, yada yada boring :)
* Significantly increased world size, addition of a full set of items for you to loot and equip
* You can now destroy Items you no longer want

There are all sorts of other bits and bobs that have changed but thats the gist of it. It's weird bullet pointing stuff like this, some of those bullet points took me two weeks to implement, doesn't seem all that impressive in a list. Anyhow, screenshot time.


So first things first then, the inventory is here! Rather than restricting players to an arbitrary number of items they can pick up I decided to go with a capacity system. This means each Item has a weight assigned to it, and players have a set capacity they can carry. This capacity increases by 10 every level you gain, so the higher level you are the more stuff you can carry. Simples! Selecting an item displays it's stats and gives you contextual options, at the moment you can only destroy Items but trading and such will come soon.

_Look at my cap, nearly full :O_


What use is an inventory with no Items? When a Monster is killed it now rolls for everyone that hit it, and everyone gets their own individual experience and loot bags. You can only see your loot bags so there's no contention there. When you press a loot bag it will present you with the above screen and you can select what you would like to pick up. This screen tells you your current cap usage and adjusts to show you what effect picking up the selected items will have on your inventory!

_Sweet, got a new armour piece - thanks mr Troll_


Which brings us neatly to the equipment screen. Once you've looted stuff, you may find yourself wanting to wear it. The equipment screen presents you with your worn items in the section on the left, here you can select a slot to view the stats of what is currently equipped and also any Items from your inventory that you can replace it with. Selecting an Item in the inventory section will show you a comparison tooltip at the bottom showing you the effect equipping it will have on your stats, as well as any contextual actions. Equip is the only contextual action here at this stage so it's nice and simple.

_My precious_


The chat screen has also seen some upgrades, it now provides you with a list of everyone online. This list is sorted alphabetically and peoples names are coloured according to their class so you can tell at a glance who is a Mage and what have you. When you say something, if anyone is stood around you they will see your message appear above your characters head for 5 seconds so you can get peoples attention in the game world if you want to talk to them!

_Me attempting to communicate with one of our very first players ^^_


Finally the stats screen has seen a bunch of work. The stats are now coloured according to the class they are primarily intended for, and behind the scenes over on the server side a lot of work has gone into the equations that decide how these stats rise and what affect they have on your damage and such.

_World first level 7 muahaha… is that like less than 1% from magic 15?_

**Look and feel**

All of the game screens have had a revamp in an effort to make everything less… gloomy and bland. The character creation process being the first experience people have with the game, I felt it was important it didn't get left too far behind while so much was being added to the engine. It's still super basic, but its looking much nicer than it was in my last news post. In addition, there's now a "remember me" option when you login so you don't even have to see the login screen anymore if you don't want too, the game will take you straight through to character selection.

_Looking good :D_


That's it for now. The game will be receiving weekly updates deployed to the app store, currently the main focus is on features and engine changes rather than making a big push for content and maps, though I'll try and add some new items, monsters and areas to test play around with each week so continuous testers don't get too bored. Coming next is food and hunger so you can regenerate health and Mana, after that… well, you'll find out when the update hits next friday :) I really hope to see you online and please take the time to let me know what you like / hate about the game so far in the forums, it's super helpful.

See you in game!
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The game will stay android only through the alpha (next few months) then during the beta phase once the engine has stabalised I'll be porting to IOS via robovm. The game also runs natively on pc though I'm hesitant to release the pc client yet as java is so easy to reverse engineer.
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Good game! Cool to see something like this on android.

Two things.

Man you move slow.

If this is for android you should consider adding android functionality. When i opened the chat menu i instinctively hiy back to leave the menu, which exits the game.

Looking good though, with some npcs and gameplay this could be cool.
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> Absolutely.
> The game will stay android only through the alpha (next few months) then during the beta phase once the engine has stabalised I'll be porting to IOS via robovm. The game also runs natively on pc though I'm hesitant to release the pc client yet as java is so easy to reverse engineer.

isn't RoboVm discontinued?
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Well… shit.

I had no idea! It looks like LibGDX has announced they are going to be providing a different solution going forwards so I guess I'll have to investigate that instead!

Hopefully it is nicely settled by the time I look to port the game over...

With regards to the back button and such, thanks for raising it. I'm well aware of that particular annoyance and will be addressing it soon, there's a tonne of issues with different keyboards as well that is preventing users from chatting. It's early days yet so, lots to add :)
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  • 2 weeks later...
Just a bump, there have been a lot of updates since this was posted so if anyone had a go and thought they'd come check it out a bit later, now would be a good time :)


We have a solid 10 - 60 players online at all times and the community is growing. I am continuing to add new functionality and features every week so come have a go and tell me what you think.

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  • 4 months later...
Hey everyone,

So the game now pretty much always has 100 - 200 players online at all times… its gotten a bit out of hand ^^. I'm just stopping by to let everyone know the PC client released today so you can now play cross platform with players on their phones which is pretty cool.


I think I'm the first person to have done this but who knows these days. Anyway, if any of you are interested in the project you can check it out at [www.miragerealms.com](www.miragerealms.com). I hope this community is still alive, it's nice that there's still a Mirage offshoot clinging on.

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Tried this out and was a bit disappointed that its not much like the original Mirage Realms. Really missed the attack animations and wasn't a big fan of the click a target and auto attack. That being said, it seems like it would have been more fun if not for the fact that it seemed like most of the players online didn't speak english. I do, however, like the fact that you have made it playable with both PC and android but are there any plans to make it playable on IOS?
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