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[SELLING] Dragon Ball Z World Project


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Project for Sale! (Source+Database+Graphics+Maps)

Project based on the Dragon Ball Z anime

I've been working on this project for 2 years but I'm deciding to stop playing game projects for good.
I'm not having more time to do map edits and development!
The price I think is very cheap for the systems I developed in the game but the community is getting smaller
so the project is very undervalued. 😐

Here I will present some mechanics of the project.

Dragon Ball Z World Intro


Admin client is separate from the players client, removing all editors and administration tools from the players client.
If any player tries to enter the developer suite, he rejects the connection if there is no access!



When targeting some npc or enemy that you can attack.



Party bars


Jump, Parallax e Sun


Regeneration of KI


Items Animated


Status and Distribution


An introduction to how game stats work
Strength - Increased critical hit chance and increased physical damage
Resistance - Increased hit points, it only increases if you add this attribute
Power - Increased mana points
Agility - Increased Blocking for physical attack and techniques and reduced damage taken
Faith - Increased ki regeneration when using ''C'' key to recharge, and increased health regenerated

Note: life only regenerates if you spend 15 seconds without attacking, running and taking damage. Also regenerates if you use life pot or god seed.


Ranking fighting power





Destructible Rasources
The resources can be set in their surroundings, this is edited in the resource editor according to its size you must change the Width X and Y.







Flying and using the World Map


The World Map works as follows, it can only be used if the player is flying and acquired both flying techniques and the world map, the world map maps only release if the player has already gone to the map in classic mode, in other words, having discovered the map. When arriving at a travel map, which can be unlocked on the world map, it will send the message as in the screenshot below:



Player and Npc Status


This system was adapted to have several statuses, for example: Typing, Afk, Exhausted, Confused, but I just implanted the player balloon, typing, stunned and afk. If you want to adapt, the system is as flexible as possible and easy to edit!
Player typing(By pressing enter to type) and AFK(after 10 minutes without taking any action):



Genki Dama



genkid10.png genkid11.png





This technique is fully editable in the spell editor, range is the distance it can blind, how long it will blind the player, animations etc.





World Blessing


World Blessing, it's a bonus for the whole server, when a player uses the exp multiplication bonus, it goes for the whole server, not just for the player's own benefit, a way to withdraw a part of the 'pay to win' and the player donating and using this bonus to the whole server, in exchange shows his name, the global exp on everyone's screen with a recognition of all players. Fully editable.






Dragon Radar



A preview of the Combat


Login server separate from Game Server


This system can save your game-server from being overloaded by placing it on another machine, the authentication server makes contact directly with the game server providing a token for each player.


Super Customizable Npc Editor



Project Progress Log (Systems, Corrections, Etc)


[PENDING] Add ground effect, for when it impacts it opens a crack in the ground
[PENDING] Add Tile Type of sit, to halve the regeneration wait which is 15 sec.
[PENDING] Add Archivement System (EX: Killing raditz 30x earns an achievement that unlocks that bonus or item)
[PENDING] Work on passives and add 1 item to android class that when using ki becomes life, like tibia utamo vita
[PENDING] Put access 1 to be tutors, who help players on quests, etc. anyone can sign up and earn weekly cash
[PENDING] Add item similar to aol from tibia, which protects money when dying, you can get in the turtle's quest!
[PENDING] Add food type item for when the player consumes it starts a regeneration every so many seconds or minutes of hp and or mp
[MAYBE] Add 10 seconds for the character to exit the game dps the player closes the client
[MAYBE] Advanced hotbar system
[MAYBE] Self Destruct Technique
[MAYBE] Add the global market
[MAYBE] Add Cast System, /cast on turns the cast on and other players can watch you play your gameplay

[OK] SYSTEM: Parallax and Fog animated on solar system maps,
[OK] SYSTEM: World Blessing System, Player buys double exp for the whole server, and shows name and sprite on screen! (The player's client is missing)
[OK] SYSTEM: Combat Timer, if you attack a player you cannot change maps for 15 seconds without attacking a player.
[OK] SYSTEM: Hair System
[OK] SYSTEM: Email System
[OK] SYSTEM: 8 Directions of Movement System
[OK] SYSTEM: Day and Night System
[OK] SYSTEM: NPC system send Kamehameha (Spell)
[OK] SYSTEM: Flying System (Complete, with Flying NPCs, in-flight combat, NPCs spawning and walking on blocks)
[OK] SYSTEM: Hint System (Can be given after a conversation)
[OK] SYSTEM: Quest System
[OK] SYSTEM: Guild System (With Honors, Talk to an NPC to create)
[OK] SYSTEM: NPC system send Ki Ball spell
[OK] SYSTEM: Destructive Tile System (can be destroyed with Kamehamehas and Ki Balls)
[OK] SYSTEM: Guild War System (similar to a flaghunter, Configurable)
[OK] SYSTEM: Map System that cannot use magic, or cannot fly
[OK] SYSTEM: Airplane/Capsule Travel System
[OK] SYSTEM: Aureola System (Ring on top of head on death maps)
[OK] SYSTEM: Ranking System (PDL - /ranking)
[OK] SYSTEM: VIP System by Date
[OK] SYSTEM: Resets System

[OK] SYSTEM: Scouter System (Item)
[OK] SYSTEM: Dragon Radar System to find spheres (Looking for NPC drop on current map)
[OK] SYSTEM: NPC Boss System
[OK] SYSTEM: Passive Spell System (Containing: Zanzoken)
[OK] SYSTEM: Forgot my password system, sending email to recover.
[OK] SYSTEM: Quest system shared in party
[OK] SYSTEM: Improved Tutorial System (Now contains a new tutorial when passing the level for the first time)
[OK] SYSTEM: Resolution System (1024x768 and 800x600)
[OK] SYSTEM: Npcs are now smart and balanced, they don't get stuck in blocks and they trace a better path to the player
[OK] SYSTEM: Separate Login Server, with authentication
[OK] SYSTEM: Finished Shenlong, 5 Wishes: Wealth, Infinite Scouter, Train, Vip 30 days, Learn Genki Dama
[OK] SYSTEM: World Map, you need to be flying to use the Technique, and you need to go to the map to unlock in World
[OK] SYSTEM: CRC32, to check client maps
[OK] SYSTEM: Auras, color selected when using C key for the first time to regenerate KI
[OK] SYSTEM: Spell Transform
[OK] SYSTEM: Genki Dama, Taiyoken, Zanzoken, Kiball, Kamehameha (ATT: Now you can change direction while casting)
[OK] SYSTEM: Loading ki on C key
[OK] SYSTEM: Player status balloon EX: Bravo, afk, typing, etc. finished, add to actions (added: afk, dig., stun.)

[OK] FIX: Genki lady has 90% hitkill chance on player, 50% hitkill chance on npc!
[OK] FIX: Hitbox greater than 32x32 in resource editor
[OK] FIX: Genki Dama can hit a range greater than 32x32 in spell editor
[OK] FIX: ClearMap was without Erase in map.tile, allocating memory when passing map
[OK] FIX: Sound pointer, when executed, always allocated more memory
[OK] FIX: Removed useless GUI graphics
[OK] FIX: Smart Npc has been improved, now it's cleaner
[OK] FIX: Added KeyDown function in frmMain
[OK] FIX: Button B open the bag, C Character, O config, etc.
[OK] FIX: Walking along the W,A,S,D
[OK] FIX: Ceckbox item sttackable, instead of using only currency, consume, for item stack
[OK] FIX: Reworked hit block and critical hit formula!
[OK] FIX: SwithInvSlot and SwithBankSlot, just add the amount if it's the same item
[OK] FIX: Item that binds the soul when picking up and equipping all overhauled, is now 100% finished
[OK] FIX: Improved Server Security
[OK] FIX: Added Drop logs
[OK] FIX: Showing item attributes and spells when hovering over hotbar!
[OK] FIX: Cooldown saving the character, you can use cooldown with long periods, when the player logs in again it will count again
[OK] FIX: When stuning a player or npc he is unable to block the attack while he is stunned
[OK] FIX: Recast all player spell damage in npc and vice versa, needed to add tryspellplayer and npc for checks
[OK] DEV: Edit npc more easily, add the level it gets points to automatically add if you choose.
[OK] DEV: Developer Suite separate from Client Player
[OK] DESIGN: Improved drop in npc editor
[OK] DESIGN: Main Menu & New Char reworked
[OK] SOUND: Steps when walking on the map

Totally Reorganized Server, Facilitating a Migration to Superior Language




I will fully support system bugs already made in the game, so the project buyer will be assured that in case there are bugs just get in touch that I work on a solution!
The value of the project is 90 $, I will not lower this value, so if you are really interested, get in touch.
Well for now that's it, if you want a presentation of the entire game, get in touch.

(55) (67) 9 9119-0052


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