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Trying out a CES approach


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Hey guys, I know no one really uses the forums anymore, but I guess I wanted to get some opinions on how I'm handling a CES approach to GameObjects and Components and the like.


Bellow I will link my Github project in which I was trying my best to learn how to create a CES. There's even a release jar there that gives a realllllly basic 'game' as a show of what it can currently do.

When you open the code it'll be clear what does what through class name as I haven't commented a lot since most of my notes are on paper.


Project Black @ Github


It uses libGDX as a base and I used intelliJ to do the editting/debugging, however you can obviously use gradle to open it with the Eclipse IDE as well.

The goal of this post is for criticism and perhaps ideas on what to do next. It's why I posted it in questions.

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