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[VB6] [Events] [Switches] Change Player Class


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Good evening!

I've done some searching and I have found other posts with players looking for ways to change their player's class in game. I've found references to switches but I'm at a loss on how to get them to work without a good guide or video tut. I'm currently looking to handle class changes by doing a simple edit to the source if possible. 

My goal is that a player may approach any guild (by triggering an event) at any time to change their class by simply entering and accepting in dialogue.

Example: Event Dialogue

Example 2: Event Dialogue

I'm currently creating a separate block under "Add Command" located in the image below for "Change Class" which would be triggered by "Show Choices":

Example 3: Add Command

Trouble is, I can't write code from scratch and I don't have a writer for my project yet. Does anyone have the time for guidance to help me get this to work? It's the next priority for Dawn of Light to get something close to a playable alpha together by early summer.

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