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Text bug


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Your text drawing seems to be off. As far as I can remember its is the fonts png file problem (At least you can hope it is) , or something changed in the code (Which most likely happened based on the pictures)...

As I see from the pictures fonts are drawing too close to each other , cutting each other and leaving dots etc...Idk what engine you are using but if memory serves me you should check the function that draws text and check the letter spacing. After changing the spacing by few pixels I think it should be fine.

But start with the font picture because it may be even not cutting the letters properly from the png image.


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I tried to install different kind of engines that is not mine, like eclipse 3.0 or 4.0, dragon eclipse ect, same result. I didn't change anything code size, must be something related to windows but I can't tell what is the problem. Any idea?

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Hi @Lulux , the load of Font's are made by Direct3DTexture8.

So it is basically an instantiation of directX8 on your machine. If the problem persists and you have not yet done the test on virtual machines (even within your system.) I advise you to downgrade DirectX8 and re-register even if it is done in another folder.

If the problem persists, analyze issues related to the resolution of your machine.

Persisting even more, I would then recommend you to encrypt a chat system via render texture instead of making use of the standard chat engine, this would allow you in DX8 to work up to several additional factors such as color changes and scales.

att, with love; My Brave Shine ~

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