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Anyone play Rocksmith?

Spongebob LawyerPants

Do you play Rocksmith?  

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Anyone here play Rocksmith? It's like guitar hero with a real guitar. It's really fun! If you're into the guitar or bass and want to learn some songs, I'd definitely recommend Rocksmith. 


I'm currently playing "Hocus Pocus - Focus". It's a fun song to play



And Goofy Goober Rock!!!!:


still learning this one 😅



Here are some songs I cleared recently:





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Oh, it's been a long time since I've heard of Rocksmith. I used to play guitar quite successfully, and that was the period of my life when I used Rocksmith. From my experience, I can only praise this program. It is really well calibrated and helps to build the skills of a good guitar player. But to my regret, I gave up guitar and plunged into the world of gaming. Specifically CSGO. At first, it was interesting. I was collecting a huge number of skins, but in the last weeks, I sold all my skins on https://skincashier.com with real money back and even made a little money, and since then, I don't go to KCGO anymore. It's a very toxic community.

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