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Port Forwarding Tutioral


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Port Forwarding Tutorial
By Tayuke: Gaming World Admin

1. Gather the information needed
� Go to the �Start� Button
� Click �Run�
� Type in �cmd� and Click �O.K�
� A new screen should appear. Once it appears, type in �ipconfig�
� A set of information should appear below the word you just typed. Record down the �IP Config� and �Default Gateway� Numbers on a piece of paper or on a Word Document.

2. Setup Port Forwarding Settings
� Open your Web Browser (e.g Explorer, Firefox, whatever you use)
� Type in your �Default Gateway� Number, in the �Web Address� Bar, located at the top.
� You should then see a �Login� Screen.
� Enter Your �Routers� Username and Password. (If you don�t know your �Routers� Username and/or Password, go to http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm  and find your �Router�. If it isn�t there, chose the closest one to it. There you should find the default Username and Password for your �Router�. IF the default Username and Password DO NOT work, then either ask your Computer Admin to do this for you. If that can not happen, then you can�t complete your �Port Forwarding�.)
� Once the page is uploaded, click on �Advance Options� or �Gaming Option�, depending on the router, so long as there is a �Port Forwarding� screen as an option.
� Create a new Port Forwarding Configuration Setting, and Type in the same number for both Port Starting and Port Ending. The Port Starting and  Port Ending number differ, depending on what engine you are using
� For the IP Address, type in the IP Address that we wrote down in Step 1, and with the protocol option, type in the same number as the post number, with TCP set.
� Now this is what you should have:

 Port Starting: (Depends on what engine you are using)
 Port Ending: Same as Port Starting
 Protocol: TCP
 IP Address: The one you wrote down before.

� Click �Apply� and then �O.K�

3. Client Configuration

� Once you have finished and it has saved your settings go to: www.whatismyip.com
� It should give you your Pubic IP Number. Copy that number down onto a word document, or write it down.
� Now, open your Client Folder for your MMO. Then, open your �Data� File in the folder. If it asks you what software you want to use, use �Text Document�.
� Change the Pubic IP Number to the number that you recorded down from  www.whatismyip.com.
� Change the Port Number to the number used in the Port Forwarding setup.(If it is not already the right number).
� The data file should like this:

 Ip=(public ip from www.whatismyip.com)
 port=(port used in Port Forwarding setup)

� Save the data file, Zip it up, and give it to all your friends.
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