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Mapping Tutorial


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Well before i begin i'd like to say to things:
1.Thx to anyone who will actually use this to improve thier mapping
2.If you use any tutorial and still continue to suck… quit mapping and try scripting. lol

Okie well this will be using the 4 default tilesets that come with eclipse...
Remember if it looks bad to you, it will probly look bad to everybody else

To start editing type /mapeditor

Well.. start with a blank map
Now add some levels... cause as sojourner said in his tutorial levels are good... These particular ones are from Tiles3.bmp. You will probly wanna use Mask/Mask2 for levels...
More levels... Remember levels are a good thing, continue using Mask/Mask2.
Ok add some ground, Ground layer. and some transitional ground, mask layer. dont add to much ground you don't want your map having nothing but the same ground.
Now lets finish up this ground select a few different ground tiles... variety is also a good thing.
Now we have the basic construction down... but we just can't leave it like this can we? i mean, its completely blank... lets fix that by adding some trees and brush...
Thats good! but somethings wrong, do you know what it is? its the right side of the map, its all blank and empty! Lets add something.
Now the middle looks empty... lets add some footprints and a animal skeleton or two... and some stairs so you can actually get on the cliff. :D
Thats good, now you need to attribute, but before you do.
A quick side note...
Block:Blocks players and npcs from going into that tile, unless they are warped into it

Warp:Select Map,X,Y. Warps players that step on tile into the selected map and to the selected X,Y on that map.

Item:Select Item, Item Value(Currency). Selected item is dropped on the ground at the tile selected and reappears if its picked up periodically. To edit items type /edititems.

NPC Avoid:Npcs can't walk onto the selected tile but Players can.

Key:Select item to be used as key and if you want the item taken away on use. Player won't be able to walk into the tile this is place on unless they have the key in their inventory, to unlock click item in inventory and while facing the "Key" tile press "Use Item".

Key Open:Select X,Y. Opens the "Key" tile at the selected X.Y on the same map when a player step on this tile.

Heal:Completely heals the player that walks onto a tile with this attribute.

Kill:Kills players that step onto a tile with this attribute.

Play Sound:Plays selected sound when player steps onto a tile with this attribute.

Scripted:Select Case #. Initiates selected case when a player steps onto a tile with this attribute

Class Change:Select Class Required to change into class. Changes players with the selected class req. into the class specified when they walk onto a tile with this attribute.

Notice:Shows text and plays selected sound when a player steps on a tile with this attribute.

Door:Place this on a door thats set on mask, and when a player walks next to it it will "open" releaving the tile on "ground" only works with tiles on mask.

Sign:Shows the Text you filled in when a player stands south(Below) of a tile with this attribute and presses "enter".

Sprite change:Select Sprite, select item required(if any), select value of item(currency).Changes Sprite to selected sprite and takes value of item(if any needed) when a player steps on a tile with this attribute.
Grey "SC"

Shop:Select shop. Opens up select shop when a player walks onto a tile with this attribute. To edit shops type /editshop.

Class Block:Select Allowed class ABC.Blocks all classes except the ones selected from walking onto a tile with this attribute.

Arena:Not entirely sure(if someone could post what this does lol i've never used it)

Bank:When a player walks onto a tile with this attribute it opens up the bank panel where players can store thier items that they don't want to carry around with them all the time(one bank works with all players but players only get one bank).
Ok now that, thats done... you'll want to attribute your map... something kinda like this..
Now for those of you who don't already know this, or haven't figured it out by now...
Map Layers-Lowest 1st
Ground-Ground DUH!!!!
Mask-Cliffs and the like.
Mask2-Cliffs and the like.
Fringe-Trees and the like.
Fringe2-Trees and the like.
Thank you for looking at this tutorial hope it helped, please leave comments if it helped or didn't help you please. ^^'
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