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Eclipse Engine

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I am working on a new game engine, it will be done in 3-5 months. Releasing it open-source and going to contribute to making Eclipse more modern. My community isn't meant to be game development oriented, which is why I am not directly competing with Eclipse.
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Yeah, I wanted to remake Mirage Source in OO and create a community around it, properly. It essentially will use the naming conventions that worked best in Mirage Source, but it will use all the latest technologies such as UDP networking (Lidgren) and work on mobile.
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> Or you know, ya'll can choose an ever-growing community of game-making hobbyists full of vets and nubs alike that's months away from a working C# engine.

No JC is corrupt. It isn't really a game dev. community either, a game dev. community actually produces stuff. it works together to improve the game engine.
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