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Automapper System

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Before anything, sorry for my bad english  :(
My name is Lucas Tardivo, nicknamed boasfesta  :P
Im here to announce my new system, i think no one did nothing similar before and i think will be very useful aswell, so i develop a automapper system on server that make a lot of maps on your game and connect its teleports, finishing with a big and beautiful island!
The system doesnt make a game at all, cause if he dids we doesnt need more game developers anymore hahaha. It just make a lot of beautiful maps, gaining a lot of time, just leaving for the developers some details, cities, bridges and caves(for now, maybe in a future update… hahaha).
The system intention is to make islands in a really small time, so developers can go in game and check if the result is on a perfect format for their game. In my last test, a Core i5 8gb ram notebook make 100 maps (100x100 each) in 140secs.
All graphic resources are configurable easily inside code

**Automapper System**

**Features (Click on features names to see an example image):**

* [A form with all configuration things and time information](http://i.imgur.com/dtLJ3vZ.png)
* Island model maker

* It makes a rectangle island with configurable size (4x4 maps, 5x5 maps, etc…) also map size (50x50 tiles, 80x80 tiles...). The system automatically makes [coasts/beachs](http://i.imgur.com/9QeJUH2.png), and inside the island it makes exclusive features like mountains, paths and rivers. The beachs size in coasts its configurable too.
* Map small details (Flowers, rocks…)

* Easily configurable
* [Tall grass](http://i.imgur.com/juHxRA7.png)

* Autotile it and place in every map.
* [Paths](http://i.imgur.com/qMQ2KJK.png)

* It starts on center map so odd total maps works better, the paths goes along the island having 75% chance of changing direction after every map, it stops when find a coast or beach.
* [Rivers](http://i.imgur.com/5fYsf64.png)

* A random number of rivers is set and then they are placed on a random inside map (not coast map), when the river born it have a fixed size along the all river and 5% chance to change direction every step (the river never goes up, just left, down and right).
* [Mountains](http://i.imgur.com/Ah2Nxc6.png)

* Mountains doesnt have autotiles, so i make a simulation on server. Every inside map have a random number of mountains depends on its grass count, the mountains are placed just on grass (avoiding rivers and paths) and have a random size. After set a mountain place the system start to map it like a autotile.
* [Resources](http://i.imgur.com/hgeNCnS.png)

* Easily configurable and it is placed on whole grass island, including mountains but avoiding paths and rivers.

**The system automatically insert:**

* Blocks on rivers, mountains and similars
* Teleports between maps

**Some notes:**

* The system doesnt include any graphic resource
* The system have 99% precision, but it doesnt discard human interaction to fix some things and make your maps get better and better (Remember, the system its just a machine, it doesnt thinks, it just do!)
* For add this system, your engine must be a **DX8 Engine made on VB6, that support autotile system, such as Skywire and similars**. The system was developed on a Skywire engine v5 and works perfect on every version.

**If you want to see more, ->Click to [check my album on imgur](http://imgur.com/a/q60x3)**

The system price is for **50$**, that includes its module and configuration form. If you want to adquire it, contact me via Skype: **lutardivo **or PM me  ;)
Thank guys! See ya.
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Looks really cool, that's for sure. I think EO 4 had some sort of random dungeon gen but not sure, never liked the engine enough to use it.

If you do manage to sell this, you might want to have some way in place that someone can't just buy it then sell it or give it out to other people.

Since this is all computer generated, I'll guess that the tileset has to be arranged in a certain way to work or you'll spit out part of a house instead of grass or a cow instead of a river? You might want to include a tileset for guidance (just put water marks all over it so that it can't be used for anything except guidance).

Overall, this looks really nice, only thing a mapper would have to do is some basic touch up to make things like the beaches and parts of the rivers look more natural.
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Thanks for the reply Mohenjo!

Yeah the system have an configuration window for tilesets, so it wont use house tiles on cows hahhaha
Anyway, i forget the selling idea and released the system as open source!
>[Here its a full information post and download](https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/topic/1026-automapper-system-sourcecode-vb6/)<
Sorry for the external link but its just for you to see it, i'll make a post for it on Eclipse Origins soon as i can ;)
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