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Let me just put it right out there, I am joking half the time and people are getting upset way too easy. I never am totally serious online, people are really sensitive in my generation and likewise have very thin skin. I never mean to attack anyone, I just test ideas and debate. Debating is a good way to iron out flaws in your thinking, many of which are flawed in both sides of the spectrum. I do not think any side is correct, because both spectrums are useful to an extent.

Testing ideas with other people is really fun for me, and it allows me to see perspectives way more clearly. Although, it seems like people get offended over anything nowadays. There's very little right-wing ideologies that are accepted, despite being Moderate and absolutely hating the left-wing spectrum in most cases since it has been a big issue with destroying empires throughout history. There are many examples of this, because the left-wing spectrum focuses on freedom where the right-wing focuses on control. Over time, the control of the people becomes unmanageable, because there's too many different types of people and ideals to keep the nation from being divided. The same thing is happening to America right now, look at the college kids who were never spanked or disciplined properly by their parents. Over time, the culture of the empire is destroyed by other cultures and ideas - the culture of a nation is what keeps the people's energy and such combined into a force. Nations like Rome, had this problem, the Western culture has this problem happening as well. It is dying, all cultures die due to the left-wing spectrum as I stated: rationalism and such are what destroy culture since culture is just part of the lie. Lies are good though, they are what keep us working together with millions of people.

Progressivism is part of life, things improve as they evolve. Obviously, left-wing is part of the evolution of culture and is something which is not changeable. Both spectrums are important: a giant empire forming in a left-wing spectrum is very difficult when compared to a right-wing spectrum since right-wing focuses on religious and traditional values. Religion has been a great tool to unite people for many thousands of years, it is the single-handed greatest invention we ever created. A lot of people hate religion, but it has fueled human cooperation for such a long time now. Everything has value, no matter what you say.

My entire arguments in the shoutbox were just demonstrating, when people claim something like being tolerant that they actually are the exact opposite of what they preach. That is all.
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"Your code of SKywardens was trash, even if it was more usable." XD

In all seriousness, you can't tell when a person is joking online unless they directly say it or completely change their character. I make it obvious when I'm joking, but you don't, Seth. Most people here enjoy joking when they know it's a joke, but you don't make it clear usually, so they think you're being serious. If you want to go somewhere that is only jokes when sounding serious, I suggest Tumblr lol.

I also enjoy debating, you can get new perspectives that help you rethink things, but again, you need to make it clear that you may not agree with the side you're taking and/or are just debating for enjoyment, not because you are defending what you honest to god believe with all your being.
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"Your code of SKywardens was trash, even if it was more usable."

In all seriousness though, this is the biggest crock of shit I've read on Eclipse. (And I've been here a while) If I were to take everything you said in this post seriously, that last line you had would render it all totally void. If not, you're basically saying "Everyone on the internet is a total liar but me." Get over yourself.
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