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Eclipse Renewal Suggestions

Mohenjo Daro

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@mohenjo-daro oh great, when do you plan to work on it? That is, in what version of the engine.

I was thinking that it would be good the possibility that certain objects require a certain faction, as an option of use.
Another good option would be to be able to add prizes in case a certain user of a faction eliminates an enemy of another faction, for example: coins that are only obtained by eliminating an enemy faction member.
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@mohenjo-daro oh nice, it's so cool

I suggested for merchant player system, if you want and can, a similar system like this with preview of items for sell

![alt text](https://www.g4ko.com/imgz/merchant2.jpg)

NPC faction option too (like for guardians or anothers npcs friendly for a faction)
- Furniture system and house system
- Party list system
![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/DLGFAPK.png)
- Cast a skill without having a user or NPC as a Target (For example, click on some sector of the map and let the skill cast in the area where it was marked
- Titles System like [KING]nameplayer [PRINCE]nameplayer where we can upgrade this Title forward if we use the currency of the game (as a system of internal donations, I do not speak of a game ptw) I do not know if I explain
- New option of NPC (Boss) where every time it appears there will be a global message of its appearance
- Email system
- Forge system (which can be fused with the crafting system, as an example "I have crafted two diamonds which I will forge in my silver sword and I will turn it into a sword +3")
- Replay a sound or battle music when i'll attack a NPC or another player
- Gate for towns (when i'll go to gate appears a list of towns where I can select to go)
- Icons creator for guilds like mu online
![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/RjOkqeo.png)
- Guilds rank grade (example: if you have with more of 100 points you guild is grade 1 and now all members have a cape (we can change item for guild grade 1, 2 or 3)
- List of quests in a sector of the screen
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I'll go through your suggestions and give my feedback:

- Factions will be fore players and NPCs. You can set factions up to be allies, neutral, or enemies (I might add a few other statuses, I'm not sure), and you can be apart of multiple factions.

- There's already a tab to view who's in your party. I might make some options for it to stay on the screen, but there's no real plans to.

- I'm sure I can add an option for some spells to target map tiles.

- I don't plan on adding a title system, but you can probably use the faction system for titles.

- I don't plan to add boss NPCs, but I might add an option for an NPC spawn to send a message.

- I don't have a reason not to add emails/saved PMs, but I'm not sure if I will.

- I'll be adding an enchantment system for items, and that will work with the crafting system (enchantments use spells which can act as additional damage).

- I don't have any plans to change the music system (except for not restarting the song when changing to another map with the same song).

- You can do that with Events (which are already in the engine).

- I'm thinking about redoing the whole guild system, but I'm not sure yet.

- There should be a quest list gui already if that's what you're asking?
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  • 1 year later...
the spells seem a bit lacking in variety so these are some ideas I had for spells modifications
*DoT/HoT - damage over time for your poisons and burns, and healing over time for your rejuvenations.
*Dash- good for ninjas or archers it is like a warp but instead it only moves you so many tiles on your current map would also be nice if it could deal damage if it passes someone.
*shields-not like the item, this shield is an ability type that gives you a bar of varying health that takes damage in your place for the duration or until the bar is depleted.
*transformations- basically it can be a buff or debuff but also changes the sprite of whoever it is used on for its duration.
*trap- an ability that goes off when the tile it is set in is stepped on, can be offensive or supportive, it will only stay in the tile until it is triggered or until the duration is over.
*blind- and affect that makes regular attacks deal 0 damage for the duration.
*silence-stops the target from preforming magic for the duration.
*root/snare-the target cant move but can still attack for the duration.
*Charm- the target will attack themselves when they try to use a generic attack.
*cleanse-removes all debuffs on the target.
*Drain- a dot that also heals the user.
*link- when you are hit the one who hit you also gets hurt.

these are just some ideas I hope we can see stuff like these come to the engine =D
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- DoT/HoT should already be in the engine? If not, they will be added
- Dash is an interesting idea, basically a warp that damages anything in the path... I'll need to give it more thought for how to implement it smoothly
- Damage shields gives me an idea for buffs with a duration of health, movement, etc. instead of time
- Transforming is planned
- Traps will be possible since spells will be able to change maps (I'll need to do more work to make the changed has a time limit)
- Blind will be possible with the buff system
- You can remove magic with the buff system, but I'll add the ability to prevent attack types
- Root will be possible by changing the target's speed
- Charm is a neat idea. I should be able to override the target's target, but I'm not sure I can do it smoothly
- Cleanse is planned. Spells will be able to remove buffs, debuffs, curses, and/or more
- Drain should be possible by using multiple buff/debuff effects, or it will be do-able with the link effect
- Link is a good idea. It should be easy enough to add
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thanks for considering my input these are just some ideas I had pertaining to the spell system itself, I have ideas for other things as well such as equipment, morals, the way damage works, stats, conditions, and a idea pertaining to houses.
if you would like to hear them just let me know =)
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Very well here goes nothing:


* Regen- for armors so you can regenerate health overtime based on its values
* Thorns- for armors allows some damage to be sent back to the attacker (basically like link but its always active)
* Attributes-these give any equipment 1 of several types of elemental affinities such as fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark (what it is for is to add a bit more to combat, say you have a fire sword with 20 damage and you attack an enemy who has a water shield that blocks 5 damage but because it has type advantage it gets a bonus to how much it reduces the damage by, and just your weapon decides your affinity, your armor, shields, ect just give you resistance to that type)


* Party restrict- this prevents anyone from getting exp, and loot unless they are in a party (just seems like a fun idea).
* Guild restrict- same as party restrict but requires you to be in a guild (these are really only good for servers with a lot of players on them).
* Party Only- you can not enter the map unless you are in a party.
* Guild Only- same as party only but for guilds.

*Damage types*

* Physical damage- deals physical damage (for this to even matter you would have to also make defensive stats in regards to this such as physical defense and magic defense/resistance).
* Magic damage- deals magic damage.
* True damage- deals damage that can not be mitigated or reduced.
* Attributes- I mentioned these in the equipment but it kinda applies to both.


*Str- it should have a cool ratio like this, for each point in str you gain 1 str and 0.5 end. (just a fun idea i got from i think it was final fantasy iirc).
*Int- it should have a cool ratio like this, for each point in int you get 1 int and 0.5 wisdom.
*End-it should have a cool ratio like this, for each point in end you gain 5 hp and 0.5 speed.
*Spe- it should have a cool ratio like this, for each point in speed you gain 1 speed and 0.5 str


*by sprite- make an item, ability, ect only useable by the selected sprite


*recall- when you die if you own a home you should be able to respawn there (to my knowledge you cant without making everyone respawn in your house, this idea is for each person to be able to respawn in their own home).
*Guard- basically a pet or something that stays at your house and will attack anyone in its range except its owner, other players can bypass this by being in the owners party. the guard is killable but will respawn eventually.

welp these are just some ideas, I hope you like them =D
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Thanks for the list, time to go through it lol

- Enchantments will be possible with the buff/debuff system
- I like the idea of a buff that causes the attacker damage
- I've given some thought to a element/type system for creating elements and deciding what they're strong/weak against, it's now on the to-do list

- I haven't given much thought to morals if I'm honest... I'd like to make an editor to choose options (like these ideas), but I'm not sure where to start right now. Hopefully I'll get to it later

Damage Types:
- This might be do-able already with the buff system, but I'm not sure. I definitely like the idea of different types of damage since they can help with different types of gameplay

- The most I'd do with stats in make an editor for them, but I don't see that happening since I'd have to redo a lot more code to support scripted stats actually affecting gameplay
- End and Agi actually affect stamina and movement speed respectively ;)

- Sprite conditionals might happen, but it's more likely I'd add conditionals for classes/race/gender since those determine sprites. We'll see, there isn't really a reason not to add it, so if it's simple enough, expect to see it

- Changeable spawn points are something I overlooked XD multiple spawn points to choose from could also be interesting
- There are plans for players being able to change maps they own, and adding an NPC to the map won't be hard (assuming I add a faction editor, it shouldn't be hard to let the player have a guard that attacks anyone not in the faction)
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