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I'm New/Back/Leaving!


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G'day, I'm new here.
I've recently downloaded VB6, and decided to plunge right into it and hopefully learn something.
I'm sure you'll all get sick of me asking questions soon!

Hope to talk to you all once in a while. :)
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I'm new to the Eclipse forums and Eclipse in general, but am not new to MMORPG making, since I've been around XW for quite a while. This sort of gives me an advantage, and I was able to get it up and running a lot easier than other people have. (I'm sure) Plus mapping looks pretty much the same with all the layers and fringe and NPC Avoids etc.

Anyways I'm working gathering the required resources right now. XW sprite sheets are a lot easier to get a hold of than indivisual images… Oh well I'll get some soon enough.

Why I am not on my computer using XW right now? Website and forums seem to have been hacked and 'Bradyok' developer of XW, hasn't posted on there in a could weeks (maybe a month...) so unless mods can fix it I don't think they'll come back online. So I think I'm going to need help when making my game so why not join up here! I'll see you all around the forums and just wanted to annouce myself before I started posting here!
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