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A white guy walks into the plastic surgeon's office and asks: "I want to be black, can you do that?" "Yeah, but we'll have to add 2 inches to your penis, take away 30% of your brain and make you 70% darker."
After the operation, the surgeon says "I'm sorry, but we've made some mistakes. We cut off 2 inches of your penis, took away 70% of your brain and made you 30% darker, is this okay with you?"
"Si, senor."
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// Original string that needs to be modified
$original = "abcdef";

// Modified string from original
$modified = str_replace("a", "![](http://www.burstingforce.com/font/a.gif)", $original);
$modified = str_replace("a", "![](http://www.burstingforce.com/font/a.gif)", $original);

echo $modified;

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      Unlimited RU's (version 1.0 only)

      You can have unlimited Result Units by selling your planet landers even if you have none. As soon as you get to the Starbase enter the Outfit Starship menu and sell your single planet lander. Even after you've sold it push the -Module button and a lot of planet landers are supposed to pop up in your docks. To get rid of the planet landers keep selling them and at about 120,000 RU's they will start to return to the normal amount you can carry. You can continue selling them for tons of RU's but 120,000 will be enough.
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