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A New Engine: Atlas


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Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce Atlas, a next-generation 2D MMORPG engine built to enable developers to make some amazing ORPGs. Atlas aims to re-imagine what it means to make multiplayer games by streamlining and simplifying the process of 2D MMORPG development.

_**Welcome to Atlas!**_

The initial release of Atlas will have plenty of features available, including everything you would expect from a modern engine:

* Seamless, resizable maps
* Weather and other map effects (day, night)
* Trading
* Parties
* Quests
* Shops
* Bank
* Resources
* NPCs
* Items
* Achievements
* Standard suite of combat
* Spells/attacks
* Crafting
* Character customization
* Player housing
* Friends/enemies list
* Customizable UI
* C#-based scripting

**_Exploring the seamless world!_**

**_Winter is coming?!_**

**Atlas Studio**

Atlas features a powerful set of development tools in the form of Atlas Studio, an integrated collection of development tools that allow you to create maps, place NPCs and other objects, and manage the assets used by your game. Atlas Studio is built with designers in mind, providing a sleek, highly-customizable, and modern UI for managing all of your game content. Everything you need to build your dream online rpg, all in one place!

**_Map Editor_**


**_Highly customizable, rearrange the UI to your liking_**


_**Integrated UI Editor**_


_**Don't like the default? Redesign it!**_

_**Multi-select to make things easy**_

Coming soon.

Atlas is in active development and will be completed in the near future. Want to see features or changes in Atlas? Let me know! Although I'm working on Atlas, I will still continue work on the Eclipse Source Converter so that Eclipse Renewal and other older engines can take advantage of a modern language. The more engines out there, with different sets of features, the better it is for everyone!
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> Looks nice, is the whole engine in C# or just the scripting?
> What kind of dependencies will this engine require?

It's all .NET based. You won't need to install any dependencies, it'll be click and run.


> Sorry quick question, I assume not but worth asking, can I run this on linux at all?

Cross-platform with Mono, so it'll run on Linux and macOS.
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> Will Atlas be open-source? I'd love to play around with it.

That's still to be decided, and to what extent. Large parts of this are dependent on unannounced features (such as the entire engine being built around plugins, and several other pretty cool things). Overall, I know that making the engine accessible to external development is important, and that's one of my high-level goals. My largest concern with just flat-out open sourcing everything is abandonment: if it's open sourced and I can't continue developing it, who else will take it on for further improvement and put in the money to maintain the development infrastructure? Many, many engines here had the same fate, and I would really hate to see that happen to Atlas.


> So any eta on when this might be available?

As soon as I can get it complete! Don't have any other dates right now.
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open source doesn't necessarily mean the death of an engine, it gives growth to it for split-offs, or in a sense, custom versions.

Regardless, even if you obfuscate the source code, .NET and java is still one of the easiest language platforms to decompile, so eventually someone'd get their hands on the source.

i personally am not going to decompile it(if you closed source it) except for the soul purpose to judge your code lol
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