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Weird problem with the exp bar.


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Me again with another question. Sometimes when I log on, the number on the exp bar is 0/maxexp and does not update. Othertimes it seems to be normal. The bar updates normally, but that number acts odd. Is there a way to fix this?
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> Have you edited it at all? What engine are you using?
> It is only a label that updates from a value which is looped so it should work instantly.

I'm using Eclipse Nightly 3.0\. I'm also having other problems… Like the bank. Any time a currency item is placed in the bank, it can't be taken out. I've tried this with a fresh engine too, and the problem still persists. It's making me wanna pull my hair out. This doesn't even seem like a big issue anymore.
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I've already done quit a bit of work, though. However, Saving grace has shone down upon me, As I found a way to fix the glitch.

It's modHandleData

Private Sub HandlePlayerExp

frmMain.lblEXP.Caption = GetPlayerExp(Index) & "/" & TNL

Change it to

frmMain.lblEXP.Caption = GetPlayerExp(MyIndex) & "/" & TNL

This is how to do it.

There was also a bank glitch fix posted in the thread after I asked! So, I'm free to get back to work.
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