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EO 4.0 was made closed source and had a gold membership, that failed horribly. Eclipse Worlds was made the official engine after that, Seth threw a tantrum about god knows what, and Skywyre engine took the place of official engine. Link became the new owner somewhere in between and pissed off Sky who took down Skywyre. After that ER 1.7 was the semi official engine and Zynato became the new owner. He's working on Atlas is a new up to date language and ER 1.8 is coming out tomorrow-ish, still in VB6.

Close source was a bad idea. New owner. Offended engine owner -> no official engine. New owner. New engine in the making, old engine being updated.
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> Hey I haven't been on here since 2009\. Glad to see things still running. Might help with a game or two on the side. Anyone want to catch me up???  :D

The site has switched hands countless times and almost died and currently the main engine is eclipse renewal and the new owner called Zynato is working on a new engine from the ground up that is supposed to be coming soon, the site obviously has a lot less members than it used to and most people have branched off to a new site now that is run by jcsnider. All in all the site is still alive but has dwindled in userbase as most people have hopped ship to jc's site (and new engine) or just left.
Edit: As someone said above and I forgot to mention Seth has left/got banned. (idk which, pretty sure he was temporarily banned and just never came back.)
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