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[PVO] Attack frame animation "bug"

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First of all, sorry for my bad english. :pig:
Well, since i started using the Project Vertigo Origins, i've been passing some hard times with the attack animation frames, someone told me to re-do the BltPlayer, but i'm having seriously problems by trying to do this. Could someone help me or make a tutorial on how to make it work properly?
The problem looks like that, but the animation repeats much more faster.
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@DragonicK said in [\[PVO\] Attack frame animation "bug"](/post/702323):
> Dinheiro está envolvido?
> Could you pay for it?

infelizmente não tenho renda pra isso kkkk, se tivesse eu pagaria tranquilo.

@rpgsidescroller said in [\[PVO\] Attack frame animation "bug"](/post/702324):
> @PlinioMarcos Why are you using this instead of Project Angels 2D?

I didn't know about this engine when i started my project, so i used PVO (the only side-scroll engine that i've found)
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