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ER 1.7.0 Changelog

Mohenjo Daro

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Eclipse Renewal 1.7.0 never had an official changelog made for it so it's getting its changelog now.

- Auction House
- Autotiles
- New gui.
- New menu
- Rework on server interface so it didn't look like crap
- We are now rocking dx8

- bounty system
- buff/debuff spells
- chat channels/drop down box removed
- checkpoints
- crafting system
- email from login
- exp gen on server
- exp multiplier item
- global shop
- guilds
- inbox/mail system
- multiple npc drops
- npc level display
- npc spells
- removed the huge option panel
- richys membership system
- sending message in color from server
- target window
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