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[Eclipse Reborn] Animated Tiles

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Ladies, Gents...
My game is based on Eclipse Reborn. I'm too invested by now to turn to a new engine so I'm working on fixes on my own.

![Reference Image](https://i.ibb.co/CbXSXQD/animated.png)

My current issue is with animated tiles. When the animated feature is selected in the map editor, it displays a 192wide by 96tall red frame it uses to animate. I have numerous issues with this feature but I'll save everyone time.

I want to change it to only use 2-3 tiles, and doesn't split tiles in half. In VB6 I was able to open the source and narrow the selection block to 64wide by 32tall. However this doesn't change how it animates the tiles. The client is still selecting 18 tiles, utilizing only the bottom 12, and splitting those tiles in half.

Is anyone able to help point me in the right direction of modifying the source, so that an animated tile simply cycles between 2, maybe 3 tiles?
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For the actual animation, look for `' animate autotiles` in `GameLoop`
I would recommend changing the code to have a constant for the max frames, then check if autoTileFrame = the const, if so, set it to 0, otherwise add 1 (I don't know why they used a select case...)

As for the selection box, look for `' change selected shape for autotiles` in `EditorMap_DrawTileset`
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Mohenjo! Thank you for getting up with me. I'm digging further into the Autotile system, I can see how it operates, but I think it's a little over my head to modify it or swap it for another system on my own without possibly jacking up the source. I think I may have to hire someone for it.
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