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DragonBoy Online Have global server


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Forum FAQ
Can play on: java. Apk. Ios. Pc
Dragon Boy allows players to team up with their favorite anime heroes in an exciting MMORPG universe.

Join thousands of players to explore the planets fo Earth, Xayda and Namec in a quest to find and collect magical dragon balls. These powerful items are crucial to your success, as you battle against other teams in the fight against the most powerful forces of evil the world has ever seen.


![](http://ngocrongonline.com/gif/TD_Danhthuong.gif) ![](http://ngocrongonline.com/gif/XD_Kame.gif)![](http://ngocrongonline.com/gif/XayDa_DanhThuong.gif)

Link Dowloading
Window: http://dl.teamobi.com/drive/get/yx
Apk: http://dl.teamobi.com/drive/get/yA
Ios: http://world.teamobi.com/ios/dragon-ball.php

Play more other games:

Call dragon god when all 7 tablets

* * *

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