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The Decoding Game


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The rules are simple. This is a game where you replace letters, and try to make a secret code for the next person to decode.

After 5 guesses you have to tell us the code, and the message.

All the guessers have to do is decode the message.

Also, you can give one hint.

Nothing to elaborate. More like swap every key on your keyboard over, so I might type:

;ryd ytu yjod @

In this case, I went to the right one over every time I typed a letter. The message was: lets try this!

L one key over is ;

E one key over is R.

And so on.

Just something to do if you're trying to get your brain ticking. I'll start off this an easy.

20-8-9-19 9-19 5-1-19-25

Hint: Everyone knows this. You probably did it as a kid.
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